Whitesmith Farming Guide

Guild of Guardians


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May 8, 2019
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Things to take note of before starting

1.) Join a guild ASAP. You want to be able to get Contributions and Gold Medals as soon as possible in order to get runes. You can also buy 10 Gold Medals per week from the BCC store.

2.) Try to get your Adventurer Rank as high as possible so you can get to Class C and have access to Ymir’s Notebook. This will allow you to Farm, MVP & be a forger all at the same time.

3.) Don’t neglect your Cooking & Tasting level. Eating cooked food is the most cost-efficient way to increase your damage. Recipe list

4.) Buy Premium ASAP if you can. 88,000 SP Regen per day for only 12,500 is more than enough to last the daily 6 hour grind. Not to mention you can use unlimited Lightning Chains.

5.) Invest in Pet Labor early so you can get more Meatballs and start stocking up on Base and Job XP Potions. Don't chug your Base XP Potions until you reach level 90 and Save your Job XP Potions for your multi-class job or your alt.

6.) Get 100 Silver Medals a week and invest it into buying Peak Shards ASAP after getting your T2 Rune upgrade. You need 81 Peak Shards to get to Job Level 70. You can only buy 1 Peak Shard per day with 20 Silver Medals, another 1 with 2 Gld Medals and another 1 with 20 Nibelung Shards.

7.) If you want to multi-job, I would suggest a Champion since it shares gear with your Whitesmith, even the weapon if you're using a Mace. A Priest is nice as well so you'll get invited to ET or MVPs much easier.


Weapon – Saint Hammer > Saint Axe > Swordmace I (Get this only of you don’t have Saint Weapons)

> Vecer Axe (PVP, MVP) / Doom Axe (Future Magic Gear weapon).

Swordmace I has 162 atk costs less than 200k, and is cheaper to get a second slot and over refine.

To compare, Doom Axe 0 has 160 + 10% atk and Vecer Axe 0 has 196 atk. They both cost around 2m each.

Saint Hammer / Axe has 436 atk at Level 90.

Offhand – Memory Book / Rosa Bracelet

Armor – Tights III

Garment – Ancient Cape

Footgear – Boots [Eggyra Card, optional]

Accessory – Luna Brooch x2

Headwear – Cat Ear Beret [Incubus Card, optional]

Face – Hockey Mask (optional)

Mouth – Spiked Scarf (optional)

Weapon Cards – Hydra (Orcs, Kobold), Flora (Anolian)

If you have Light Saint Armor, Shield, & Garment, always have them equipped when you don’t need ATK or Ignore DEF so you get Job levels faster.

Stats – Get around 20 DEX and the rest into STR until 99. Get DEX to 60 for Anolian and more ATK from runes and then invest the rest into INT for less SP consumption.

Runes – Priortize Cart Revolution (At least 52 Gold Medals to unlock all 5), then Cart Slots and then Swiftly Transform.


Merchant Skills – Fund Raising lvl10 > Buying Low lvl5> Overprice lvl10 > Change Cart lvl5 > Enhanced Cart lvl10

Blacksmith Skills – Magic Rock Making lvl1 > Hammerfall lvl5 > Over Thrustl lvl5 > Weaponry Research lvl10 > Weapon Perfection lvl10 > Cart Revolution lv3 > Skin Tempering lv5 > Skin A Flint lvl1

Whitesmith Skills – Cart Boost lvl1 > Greed lvl > Trading Master lvl5 > Human’s Heart Light lvl5 > Overthrust Max lvl55. After this you can go back to your previous job’s skills to max out Skin a Flint, Buying Low, and Loud Exclamation.

Farming Spots

Imo, base levels aren’t as important in this game compared to runes and gears which all require zenny. So focus not on leveling fast, but getting as much zenny as possible.

Try to save as much money as possible and only use Cooked Food, STR A, and Elemental Converters during Green Stamina + Lightning Chain. Once you reach Yellow Stamina, Finish your Main, Side, and Daily Quests. Eventually you'll be stronger and be able to extend your farming by 180 more minutes without needing buffs.

Never use STR B and Overthrust Max while grinding.

1.) 10-40 – Willow @ Labyrinth is the fastest leveling spot because of the close spawn proximity, it’ll get you to Blacksmith in a day if you have Premium. Save your Monster Resistance (stacks up to 6) for when you reach Blacksmith so you can get skill levels quicker.

2.) 19-40 – Vadon @ Underwater Cave for Mystic Frozen (don’t sell, you'll use this later), Steel & maybe a lucky Vadon Card.

3.) 40-X – Goblin Buckler @ Goblin Forest until you can 1 shot Steam Goblins.

4.) X-59 – Steam Goblin @ Goblin Forest is the first money making spot for Blacksmiths. You’ll get an abundance of Coal here that you can craft into Tights or Gakkung so it will sell faster. Alts usually stop here but you can farm Orcs using Fire Converter as long as you have Doom Axe & other vs Demi Human / Earth gear.

5.) 60-X – The dead zone between Steam Goblins and being able to farm at Orc Village. I honestly think that resetting to Cart Attack and investing runes there isn’t that good of an idea but if you want to, Bongun @ Payon Cave 2 is the best spot for spawn killing. You don’t need to reset skills, just alter the skill build to have Cart Attack Lv 10 and have less points into Buying Low and Discount. The other option is to use your Blacksmith for Pet Adventure at Payon Forest (Lv60) which only needs Savage Bebe, Yoyo, and Intimacy 6 to net you 3 chests per adventure. You can pick Savage for Royal Jelly or Greatest General for Mercury, Rough Elunium & the card.

6.) X-90 – Orc Archer, Orc Warrior, High Orc (Optional) @ Orc Village South. This is the first spot that you’ll be needing Ignore DEF equipment and need heavy rune investment into Cart Revolution. There are spots that spawn 1 Orc Archer and 2 Orc Warriors. Some come with an Extra High Orc that you will be eventually 2 or 1 shot as well with minimal effort. You can invest in an Ice Axe (for Kobold Hammer & High Orc) since the 1-shot requirement for Orc Warrior & Archer isn’t really that high.

7.) X-94 – Kobold Hammer @ Kordt Forest Depths. Eventually you’ll be able to 1 shot Kobold Hammers. Orcs still yield a better income but spend a day here from time to time just to diversify the loot you’re selling.

8.) 90-X – Anolians @ Glast Heim Culvert. You can forego your Ignore DEF Equipment here because Anolians have 0 DEF. You’ll spend the rest of your days here as this is the most efficient place to farm. Some spots have Stings or Injustices next to them but that’s usually occupied by a High Wizard. You can invest in a Wind Hammer here (which is actually an axe). You can chug all your Base XP potions here so you can be within 20 levels of Toy Factory monsters earlier.

Once you unlock your Ymir’s Notebook, you can start switching your builds around and you’ll have access to the efficient way of Cart Attack farming at Toy Factory. You can alternate your days at Anolian and Toy Factory so you’ll have more diverse loot to sell. Be sure be within 20 levels so you only have a -20% penalty instead of -50%.

9.) 88-X – Cookie @ Toy Factory 1

10.) 90-X - Myst Case @ Toy Factory 1. This one is a bit hard because of its really high DEF.

11.) 91-X – Cruiser @ Toy Factory 1

12.) 93-X – Zipper Bear @ Toy Factory 1. High DEF as well.

13.) 96-X – Carat @ Toy Factory 2

And that’s pretty much it. I haven’t done research yet on what end-game gear I want to get but one thing I do know for sure is I have to get as much Contributions and Gold Medals and reach Job 70 ASAP.

credits to Patrick Tan Ebio