Why doesn’t Rage get the love it deserves?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by LockDown, Jul 3, 2015.

  1. LockDown


    Rage is not a bad game. At its best, it’s a brilliant first person action shooter. At worst its a game with less ideas that didn’t quite make it.

    Among those ideas that didn’t quite make it is the story. It begins in a asteroid that turned the earth into a wasteland never the less you leave a vault where you had been living. then after that you get attacked you get saved. You ride through the wasteland while your savior, played by John Goodman, tells you what the world is like, but not really. He explains, for instance, that The Authority are bad dudes who wish normal people harm.

    image via http://i.kinja-img.com/gawker-media/image/upload/s--2jsZ4Nza--/1323429232386387814.jpg

    Nowadays modern shooters feature regeneration of health that makes them vulnerable in combat also pushes them to cover, It definitely limits tactical options/strategy, But the hard part is that enemies have more health or Tanky, which is another issue of the game ,Modern shooters also often suffer from a lack of weapon diversity sure, you’ve got fifty different assault rifles to choose from, but they don’t change the way you play, rendering the choice meaningless. Rage addresses both of those problems.​
  2. heidicruz

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    At first glance, it is actually quite good. If you remembered the days during Counter Strike. This game is actually exceptional. Then again, where did you get these details regarding the game "Rage"? I mean, do you have things for us to check things out and try to play it? Thank btw. Nice post!
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  3. LockDown


    @heidicruz I played alot of CS in my days LOL! ,I played Rage before and Its not a bad game.. Rage seems distinctly conscious of Half-Life 2 throughout the experience. However, Half-Life 2 has stakes. Real, personal stakes.but if you are a RUN N GUN type of guy and likes going berserk on enemies, you should try playing RAGE :) and give me a feedback of your experience of the game :)
  4. ZacKxFaiR

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    FPS and MOBA mapapa rage ka tlga kapag yan ang nilalaro mo
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  5. lolph

    Regular Gamer

    ang na alala ko lang sa game nato is si Blake Griffin endorser nila and nasa episode ng breaking bad
  6. LockDown


    nakakainis ba?ahaha
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