Why is Mobile Gaming Popular, its Pros and Cons

Remember the old times where we would gather up our coins, enough for an hour or two, visit an internet cafe and spend time there playing our favorite computer games, online and even offline, games such as Left 4 Dead, Counter Strike, Red Alert 2, Battle Realms, Ragnarok, Flyff, Cabal, etc. We would meet up with friends in the cafe or within the game's lobby to bond even if we are apart from each other. Those were the days where gaming is only capable with PC and even Console.

But now, things are really different now with the rise of smart phones that could do a lot of tasks including playing games. As you can see mobile gaming is now popular in the Philippines, with Mobile Legends and COD Mobile taking the lead together with Ragnarok Mobile and some niche titles such as Azur Lane and Fate Grand Order. A lot of Filipinos have now gained an interest with it. So why? Today we list in the pros of it but alongside with its cons to understand it better.



First, let's talk about why is it raking in a lot of people's attention. It is very accessible. People usually play games to pass the time if they are bored and when there is nothing to do at the moment. With a device that is usually small and could play a lot of games within the touch of a finger. It is no wonder why mobile gaming is a trend nowadays both between the player and the game companies that are seeing a lot of money being made in mobile gaming.

Free-to-Play Games

Games are usually painful to be invested in due it being paid upfront. Most of the time, people who are not into hardcore gaming or a old-time gamer, are not really into investing their hard-earned cash for games that is usually played casually. They would rather spend it on necessities and their other hobbies that take importance than gaming. With mobile, you can just search for quality free-to-play games that you can play casually or be invested in without actually paying money. Games like this usually have varied gameplay. From MOBAs, gachas, puzzles, there is a huge library when it comes to F2P games and there is no wonder why is it popular to the masses.


This is one of the best parts in mobile gaming. You can do a plethora of tasks that require not much importance in concentration to one's work. Another one is that you can play the game in auto mode while you are doing a certain task that might preoccupy you for a short amount of time. Mobile Gaming has that option which you can play the game while doing another task without being bummed up about how to handle two things at the same time. While I am writing this, I am actually autoing the raid event in Azur Lane. I can just select a diffilculty, fleet comp and click battle while the auto-mode do the handling of my ships, while I write this down. It's a win-win situation!

Cheap Investment

The usual pro is this. Like the free-to-play aspect of mobile gaming. You do not need to invest much money in playing mobile games. All you need is a mobile phone, add in a mobile data plan or WiFi connectivity if you are playing an online game, and then you are good to go! Additional things are electricity for charging but that is a need that is often omitted as required in everyday life. So with that in mind, you can enjoy a game while having a cheap investment in doing so. Perfect for those who need their cash for something else.


Microtransactions and Pay-to-win
With gaming, comes investment, investment which if you invest too much and become hooked into it, becomes an addiction. Some games take advantage of that offer you with hefty microtransactions which will kill your wallet. If you can not control your spending habit, then we advice you to steer clear with games that have a gacha mechanic or a pay-to-win system as it may spell doom to your salary.


While mobile gaming is good for having multitasking in duties that may seem to be tedious or boring, having it ready anywhere can lead you to distractions which may lead to poor work performance, addiction and things that you cannot fulfill because you are too invested in the game you are playing. Always remember that there is always life after games and just have fun without making yourself work too hard on the game. It is okay to play hard just work harder so it could be justified, especially with peering eyes who only pessimistically say things about gaming.

Some Poor Quality Games

While mobile games are appearing left and right, with the mass production of it comes with the poorly made ones. Those who are only there to profit with the mobile gamers' wallets and create poorly made games which can be looked into as a poor replica or knockoff with the original concept or greedy markets that only plan to milk its player base with egregious microtransactions. It is fairly stigmatized by the old guards of gaming such as PC and Console gamers that has caused a bad rep. If mobile gaming wishes to be up there close to those progenitors, then we should recognize the good and avoid the bad games, only then will the developers take a hint of what we want and deliver their best games possible.

As you can see there is a lot of good things going with mobile gaming. In the Philippines, a lot of people are experiencing poverty and are not able to buy a PC or a console for the conventional way of gaming. Mobile gaming is very accessible to countries like ours that it is no wonder why it is popular nowadays. Add to the fact that we Filipinos usually work at the weekdays and having breaks means having a chance to sit down and play a game, and it is not bad to do so. Pass the time and stress away while playing.

However, this also comes with games that are usually predatory in nature. Be it pay-to-win mechanics or microtransactions, there will always be ones that would be problematic in which some people will be hooked, find its nature and then resent it and possibly mobile gaming. Also there would be times where might get too attached to the game that we end up distracted, such is a con of mobile gaming that we should also overcome as well.

Whether you play there or not, it is no wonder that if we can play using the device that is usually a necessity these days, then you will always see it in the streets, entertaining us and that is the reason why.