Why Overwatch hasn't really picked up

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Jun 27, 2018
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The answer to why Overwatch hasn't really picked up in this country can be summed up in a few enough reasons:

1. Barrier to entry. Unforunately, you need a decent enough computer to run Overwatch smoothly the mandatory $40 (PHP 2k) shellout, and, you guessed it, actually DECENT ENOUGH internet, which the local ISP's aren't really giving us (at a decent enough price that is) and sometimes the ping is just unplayable (If you play 150ms above on a high enough level, you know what I mean). These dissuade anyone trying to pursue this game any further.

2. Primary sponsors for major league tournaments and team recruitment when. I'm sure it's a thing when a HUGE prize pool is setup. I was fortunate to be involved the earlier tournaments of the day (Global Overwatch Tournament circa 2016). The local scene in itself is too scared to invest in this game primarily because it's costly af. No ones gonna jump over 15k in prize money.

3. Local competition. So far it's great that Miraculum E-sports club exist and continues to embrace the competition, but where's the REST of the competition? We went from 2 teams (Mineski OW and IPT Blue) into basically just one team (but there's fresh blood for Miraculum, so that's a good thing). Community scrims are good, but scouting is sparingly executed, or dare I say, not executed at all. I'm positive there are good even exceptional players, but if they're not getting sponsored/scouted or anything to get them on board, it's basically zero morale to keep the healthy competition going. PS: I'm not here to bash the rating of our players, but we're practically the LOWEST average SR in SEA countries per top 150 players (SG,TH and MY are all up there).

Feel free to discuss this post further. It's good to know more feedback from this community.