Why Private Servers are always bugged/glitchy


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Mar 30, 2016
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Forget about that 3x drop rate/3x EXP/2x bonus cash top-up and reward systems
Have you ever wonder why most private servers(example:Ragnarok/RAN old school MMORPGs)are always having technical failures and server downtimes? I have played few private servers that were made to recreate the dead original game back to life.Based on my experience,they were awful and disappointing,considering the fact that this particular private server is already running over a year.Updates were released frequently,like about every week,and still common bugs and issues are observable.Maintenance were conducted,some of them would last 24hours,yet bugs still remain and only few were fixed.
Economically speaking,hosting a dedicated server is very expensive.You may have noticed that private servers are encouraging everyone to donate.Monthly fees are costly,also the payment to the game-masters and programmers who keep in touch with the development of the private server as they copy new files from the original game.

Most of my posts here on pinoygamer.ph is programming related.The reason it is buggy,is because troubleshooting and debugging is difficult.Most private server moderators are inexperienced with networking.Aspects in the original game that they are portraying is "hard-coded",meaning,it is difficult to break the physics of the game,or modify its value and function.That is why even on the registration page on their website,you may experience issues like the website not giving you confirmation of your email address.The Captcha code not loading.Saying "invalid password" all the time.It might even take several months to resolve this issue.A good example of my topic is-GrandChase Reborn private server.Which almost all aspect of the game is filled with bugs.

Why private servers are outdated in terms of story episodes/seasonal updates?
Like I stated before,moderators have to copy the files from the original game to their database.And once the players start updating their client,most of them have issues.Because the client have to obtain information from the database which contains all the new updates,and most private servers doesn't support this kind of functionality,maybe due to poorly constructed database.This is the most common bug on all private servers.
General Conclusion
I usually wait the server to be developed and fixed.Most MMORPGs are dying and private servers are reincarnating them.Enjoy the increase bonuses and rewards that the original english servers dont allow you to have for free.But you should be aware of your security.Remember,once you have entered your private information,the moderators can also view your records and data.Nonetheless,private servers are helping the rise of MMORPGs again


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May 11, 2015
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I run dedicated severs before like ragnarok and rf online, true its expensive to run them you aslo need decent internet speeds for your target audience. As for patches and fixing i had to rely on community patches from other forums well coz the original developer close down.

also some are actually illegal to operate.

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