Wii 4.3u / Hombrew / USBloaderGX methods


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Nov 8, 2015
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Hello I would like to now if there are still user of this kind of platform or console

Currently I own a PS4 sadly the ps4 camera had no other games besides Just dance unlike Xbox 360's Kinect

so we both another game console for the family,

The Black edition wii 4.3U but the box says asia version..

The best thing about nintendo wii is that, there are a lot of games available although
the resulotion don't match the PS4's HD but there are tons of library of games available
especially Mario games. everybody loves mario.

I lookup some forums and videos - dated from 2011 to 2013 and there are no updated vids or forums
from this date...

but i still tried those method like :

Homebrew (seem kind of effective and doesnt affect the wii system)
i've downloaded some games which is the ISO and wbfs files and loaded it
on my usb drive via Wii back up manager software.

I loaded the game througth USBloadergx at the Homebrew channel

but when i selected the games i downloaded after pressing the start button
in goes back at the Homebrew channel. over and over even on other games.

What do you think? can anybody help me with this?



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Nov 18, 2016
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Hi! May i ask how much is the wii remote at Sm gameplace? Or anyone selling their wii remote? Thanks

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