Wild Rift News & Updates - Cowsep's Mysterious Ban, Accusation Against ML, And New Open Beta Regions iOS Android 

We're back with some spicy Wild Rift news and updates! They're hot topics right now and we don't want you to be outdated. Your curiosity brought you here? Do you want to answer those boggling questions the title gave you? Well, hop on now because we're digging straight into our first topic!


Cowsep, the popular Master Yi player, known for his cow suit and hat, got recently banned in Wild Rift. This was revealed in one of his tweets in early November. Just a quick information, unlike the SEA regions such as the Philippines who still use Garena as a platform, Cowsep's banned account is directly connected to the League of Legends client. Why? In his tweet, he states that he can't log-in to his LoL PC client using the same account.


A direct copy of Cowsep's Screenshot

Just as the screenshot states, it seems that the Wild Rift app detected a third-party software. According to Pink Ward's speculation, it might be due to an emulator. It is indeed true that a PC user may play most mobile games using an emulator. And it is also true that APK modders and hackers do also test their creation in emulators.

According to Coswep's response to Pink Ward's speculation, he used an emulator before and it might not even be the cause of the ban at all. If you're going to ask me, it's pretty vague. My speculation will be out of this world and might have a lower chance of being close to the truth. But, since I'm already here, why not share it. I'm thinking of Wild Rift's region detection and the recent VPN restriction. I don't even know if Cowsep uses VPN to play League PC on other regions. But, this is a farfetched idea, maybe the Wild Rift app detected an installed VPN or something like that.

Whatever it is, it's kind of a bit unfair if they really won't "reverse" their decision. A proper investigation should be held. To the next spicy news we go!

You might have seen this one already. This came from Papa_eps' original post. Moonton's Mobile Legends and Riot's League of Legends have a long-time beef with each other even before Moonton lost the case against Riot and Tencent. It's a long story, so let's focus on what we currently have right now. It's another obvious copy of League's Pool Party 2020 theme trailer. Before we proceed, I know there are a lot of ML fans out there and to make sure everything's fair, we'll have a close look at both sides.


Let's take a look at Moonton's side. There's nothing wrong with getting some sort of inspiration from another game or creation. We usually create things based on what inspires us. And, let me say it already, we proper gamers will respect Mobile Legends as a game. They are indeed one of the pioneers of MOBA experience in mobile gaming. But, there's a law to set everything in order and that's where Riot, and their owner, Tencent, comes into the picture.

Riot, nor Tencent, is the law. They simply want to protect their rights. Let me use the word "intellectual property" here. Just by those terms, you can already know where we're going. The concept, the design, and even the arrangements of the trailer were uniquely created by Riot and their team. Those are intellectual property already. And there's no need for me to give you analogies for everyone to understand how dreadful and shameful the act of stealing any sort of property is. They may have gotten away with the beach skins, but this one's pretty serious. Just by looking at it, we can all see that the stacks are against Moonton.

This may not be an interest to you, but it's an announcement and update anyway. League of Legends: Wild Rift Open Beta will soon open to other more regions starting December 8. What's in it for us? Well, if the progress will be steady until the future, we might be able to play against other regions soon. But, that's still far from where we are now.

On December 8, Vietnam, Oceania, and Taiwan will receive their Open Beta access. On December 10, Europe, Turkey, Russia, the CIS region, the Middle East, and North America will receive their Open Beta access. The community is getting larger before the year ends. Who knows what more surprises does Riot have for us next year? A large pool of new champions, maybe?


For my usual ending, let me give my thanks and the credits to the following: Riot and Wild Rift's team, Papa_eps for the trailer comparison, and Cowsep for the mysterious ban issue. You're all legends!

That's it for this one, Summoners! The Rift awaits us and may you enjoy true sportsmanship in the midst of growing toxicity within our community. Stay tuned for future updates and I'll see you on the next Wild Rift News and Updates!

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