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It's more than 6 months since Wild Rift made its huge appearance in the Regional Alpha and almost 3 months since the massive Beta Test invitations were released. We've seen a lot of additions, if not changes, to Wild Rift even until today. While there's still a lot of issues to resolve or improve, Riot is continually creating waves after waves of exciting updates. And just a few days ago, they shared with us a quick peek at what they've prepared and are preparing for us.
You've read our title and, I guess, you've watched the video too. You already know where we're heading so let's get into it! Katarina and Rammus will arrive in the Rift soon along with their optimized skills and ultimate! These two champions are great at their own roles in the PC version. Will the case be the same as they enter a new battlefield with modified skills?

KATARINA, THE SINISTER BLADE. Katarina's terrifying blades and sudden shunpo has evolved over the years. From being a simple shunpo-in-shunpo-out AP burst champion back in the early seasons, she's currently in AD meta today with her improved dagger, shunpo kit, and ultimate compatible to Kraken Slayer's effect. I know, it's pretty busted.

Now, Riot has decided to make her ultimate "movable" due to the sensitivity issue of joystick controls. Instead of standing still and wait for your ultimate to end or kill the enemy, this time, you'll have the ability to move while shredding your enemies with your blades without worrying if you'll accidentally cancel it with your joystick movement. The rest of her kit remains the same tho.

RAMMUS, THE ARMORDILLO. OK. I can't help but laugh just by writing those two letters and saying it with a deep voice. I personally love this champion even until this season. Rammus may be a simple yet effective jungle to his easy mechanics. You simply roll, boop an enemy, taunt, reflect their damage, and watch them die as your ult, Tremor, continuously shred their HP or your teammates burst them down. All that matters is how you'll gank the lanes.

If that wasn't enough for you, then check out what they've done to our boy as his arrival in Rift comes closer. They've changed our dear Armordillo's ultimate into an AOE dunk that sends Tremor to a specific radius where Rammus lands. And the AOE size depends on how fast Rammus rolls with his Powerball (1st) speed. Speaking of rolling, his passive is now continuous rolling and additional out-of-combat movement speed.

The Five Yordles have arrived at the Rift in the latest Patch Notes 2.0. If you haven't seen it yet, then you can check out the link down below. And if you haven't seen their cute trailer, then you clearly didn't watch the video above. It's somewhere at the half part of the video so it's not that easy to miss, right? Oh, right, we're talking about the Yordles. We've recently welcomed the arrival of Teemo, Lulu, Corki, Tristana, and Kennen in Wild Rift. Although Kennen wasn't seen at the trailer, it's fun to see Riot releasing 5 champions at the same time, especially these cute ones. Transmogulate!

We've sidetracked a bit in that Yordle cuteness. But, now, let's take a good look at what might be lurking in the dark jungles of the Rift. If you listen closely to what Riot FeralPony says at 5:52 of the Dev Video above, he stated that:
"And later, two of League's deadliest champions will face off and hopefully settle the score once and for all"​

If you'll ask me of the first two champions that will come to my mind when it comes to being deadly and rivalry, then it's going to be Kha'zix and Rengar. The rivalry story of these two assassins has been part of my interest ever since I played League. There are other rivalry stories in League such as Volibear and Ornn, Nasus and Renekton, and many more. But this particular rivalry between Kha'zix and Rengar is so great that Riot implemented a late-game mission for both of them to "settle the score", The Hunt. The winner gets an upgrade. Final skill upgrade for Khazix and another stack of bonetooth necklace for Rengar.
KR 2.jpg

If the speculations of their arrival in Rift are true, then I guess it's the right time to save up some Blue Motes right now. Their possible arrival in the Rift signals a huge in-game event. The dark jungles of the Rift will no longer be a peaceful farming site but a warzone for these two leaping hunters of fear. Well, it's not yet confirmed but the possibility is already high.

That's it, summoners! Other details of the quick previews such as the Targon and Shadow Isles' introduction to Wild Rift. The game is under intense development which will soon bring us more and more updates. So make sure to tune in for future Wild Rift News and Updates. As for our usual credits, all the images, video, and content belong to Riot Games and the Wild Rift development team. See you on the next update!

Wild Rift Patch Notes 2.0
Adaptation - Kha'zix and Rengar Short Story
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