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Hi there, summoners! Welcome back to another Wild Rift News & Updates! It's been almost two weeks since my dear country, the Philippines, along with South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand received the glorious Beta Test. Right now, Wild Rift is literally rocking the Google Play Store ladder, reflecting the huge noise it created for the past months.


Ever since the release of the Beta Test, there were a lot of updates implemented in the game. Ranging from a new set of champions, adjustment, buff, and nerfs. We've also seen or heard of dramas between the ML community and current Wild Rift fans. But, we're here to bring you the real, possibly cool and disappointing, news in the Rift. Well, let's get started!


For our latest news! Riot decided to block VPN access to people who don't really belong to the Regional Beta Test. What do you mean, Tribore? Well, this can be viewed as either bad or good news depending on which country you're reading this from. If you're not from any of the current countries with Regional Open Beta servers and you're playing the game thru VPN access, then you'll probably get blocked any time now.

According to Riot's investigation, several in-game problems were detected from players who use VPN and are playing the game outside the Beta regions. If you're a long-time ML player, you probably know what we're talking about here already.

It’s become increasingly clear that a ton of you… FAR more than we expected… want to play the Wild Rift beta. As we’ve been monitoring the in-game experience, we’ve noticed a range of problems in games that include players who have used a VPN to log in from outside the beta regions. These issues range from an inconvenience (like language barriers) to outright game-breaking problems (like unplayable lag spikes for everyone—not just the players on VPN). --LANDON MCDOWELL, Wild Rift's Technical Operations Director

Yep, those unplayable lag spikes are pretty common. In fact, if I'm not mistaken, these VPN lag spikes became an issue in the League of Legends PC version too before. Riot appreciates the love and support that we're giving them. They do know how much the whole world want to play Wild Rift right now. And, trust me, they already said it over and over again.

Statement 2.JPG
As for the common questions you might be asking yourself right now, here they are along with their respective answers. If you're still in doubt, you can go check out the links at the very end that will redirect you to the same official statements given above. As a fellow summoner on the Rift, I sympathize with those who are eager to play the game and continually support the game even after this unfortunate decision. Soon, we'll all be able to play the game with better servers across the globe. NEXT ISSUE!


Here, we have footage from 上上谦 on Twitter. Just to inform everyone, the response tweets in which the image was included were already taken down by the user. And before anything else, Riot has already responded and are currently investigating the cheats/hacks surfacing online. We do NOT tolerate cheating especially to the E-sports quality type of games such as Wild Rift or Mobile Legends.

Now that you've already seen the word "hack", this is one of the latest issues regarding Wild Rift's loopholes. As you can see, that's an obvious maphack. And what's worse is that there are several Youtube tutorials offering the cheat. The answer to the question of where this cheat came from points to two different countries - China and Vietnam. But, since the source code is written in Chinese, the probability of it being China becomes higher.

Cheat 3.jpg

Well, what do you expect? It's a big game from a big company. There will always be people who will try to ruin the game either for fun or fortune. Soon, we'll get a major patch to kick these cheaters away. But for now, enough of that and let's move on to our final update!

Those tweets say it all. For those, including me, who are frustrated with the Ranked Matches' role and champion picking, I'm proud to announce that Riot heard our pain! The Role Selection will soon be implemented to solve our problem. Honestly, it's a real pain when you see another player lock-in a jungle champion with smite while you, yourself, know that you're a jungle main. And you'll be forced to play a role you're not familiar with. Riot is still working on it, but, at least, we know it's coming.


Well, that's it for now! I think I've given the proper credits earlier. I guess I'll give thanks to Riot and the Wild Rift team for this awesome game. Wild Rift is available on both Android and iOS for free. The game is fresh and updates are being implemented faster than my recent break-up (just kidding).

So stay tuned for future news and updates! If you've enjoyed our content, join us now in the Wild Rift discussion.
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