Wild Rift Patch 5.1 Leaks Three Champions Arriving and the Next Wild Pass Skin

League of Legends: Wild Rift leaks revealed three champions from the Shadow Isles, such as Maokai, Viego, and Kalista, are set to arrive in the upcoming Patch 5.1 update on April 11, 2024. Rumors also revealed that Fizz will be the bearer of the next Wild Pass skin.

Maokai "The Twisted Treant"


Maokai is a versatile champion who has the roles of mage and tank. His abilities include self-healing when damaging his enemies with his skills. His ultimate skill is an Area of Effect (AoE) that immobilizes the enemies within the area.

Viego "The Ruined King"


Viego is an assassin and is considerably one of the popular champions of League of Legends PC due to his ability to take his defeated enemies skills and items and control them for a short period of time.

Kalista "The Spear of Vengeance"


Kalista is a marksman with impressive agility and damage against her enemies. Kalista throws spears at her targeted enemy, which persist and can be retrieved and inflict additional damage on the enemy based on the number of spears attached to them. Additionally, her ability allows her to connect with an ally and throw them to knock off their enemies.

Note that these leaks are not yet confirmed by Riot Games and may be subject to change. If the leaks are accurate, there will be a few changes to be applied to these champions to ensure they will run smoothly on mobile devices.