Wild Rift Regional Open Beta and New Updates Will Land on October 27th iOS Android 

Finally, I'll be able to cover Wild Rift's updates passionately after getting my beta test invitation. I hope most of you who's reading this got their invitation as well and are currently enjoying the game too. But, let's now focus on the upcoming Regional Open Beta and updates that will soon land in WIld Rift!

Wild Rift Regional Open Beta.jpg

So, as I have said, the Regional Open Beta will soon go live along with a new patch that includes new champions. And with that being said, Riot would like to remind everyone of what's going to happen. Make sure to mark the dates to prevent yourselves from asking questions from different forums as to why the servers aren't letting you in.

To prepare for the Wild Rift Regional Open Beta, we will be suspending Android downloads and TestFlight access, starting next week. We need to make sure our servers are ready for Open Beta, and that involves a ton of technical work behind the scenes.


TestFlight access to Wild Rift will be closed on October 22 (PT). When the Regional Open Beta starts on October 27 (PT), the game will be available on the App Store for download.

  • If you log in using the same Riot Games account, all your progress and inventory will be saved from the Closed Beta.
  • We recommend fully uninstalling the TestFlight version of the game before installing from the App Store.
  • Thank you for your time getting the game ready on iOS!


Downloads of Wild Rift will be disabled from the Play Store on October 23 (PT), and will resume when Regional Open Beta begins on October 27 (PT):
  • If you have the game installed, you will be able to continue playing as normal.
  • If you installed the game, but you uninstalled the game after October 22, you will not be able to reinstall until the start of the Open Beta.
  • If you have received a Closed Beta invite and you have not yet installed the game, you will not be able to install until the start of the Open Beta.
  • Your progress and inventory will carry over from the Closed Beta.

- BEN FORBES / Communications Lead (Wild Rift)​

If there's one thing I'm thankful for buying my phone, it's the fact that it's Android. Unlike iOS users, the Android version of the game will keep on working if it's installed before October 22. We got the advantage of playing a few more games before the Regional Open Beta begins on October 27th.

The Regional Open Beta will go live in 7 Asian countries - South Korea, Japan, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand. That means that everyone from those countries will be able to play the game by October 27th (PT). Here in the Philippines, if my calculations are correct, it will be around 3 PM - 4 PM Manila Time.

Now, you might have watched the video and saw the phrases "extra in-game rewards based on your investment in League" and "sweet rewards". Interesting and exciting, isn't it? It's like earning the good old Garena points for staying online. As to what it really is, we don't know yet.

That's not all tho. I already said that the next patch will include the next line of new champions that will join the roster of Wild Rift. We've been hearing and seeing rumors of The Blind Monk and Seraphine for a while. Well, the rumors are finally true. Here's a snip of our new champions!

Wild Rift Regional a.png

Look at that! We got The Blind Monk, 4 KDA Members, and The Noxian Brothers. Now, I'm not entirely sure of when the patch will come. But, based on what the video states, this might mean that Android users who will still be able to play while the servers are being prepared until October 27th may test these champs for FREE.

It might seem unfair, right? Who knows. Maybe the patch's real schedule will be on October 27th too. But, if it's not, then let me just say, "Android users, REJOICE!".

Wild Rift Regional Open Beta b.jpg

As for the other regions, here's the TENTATIVE roadmap for Wild Rift testing. Why tentative? Michael Chow said in the video that things might "get dicey". We all know the logic behind game servers, right? Preparing servers for each region and countries are pretty hard and technical difficulties will always be present. So, the schedules above are still subject to changes if difficult challenges arise.

Wild Rift Regional Open Beta c.jpg

And, oh, I will never forget to give where the credits are due. I'm giving the credits and my thanks to Riot Games for the content, videos, and images I used. Keep rocking and stay awesome! I still love League PC, and I'm now loving Wild Rift.

I guess that's it for now. We'll surely keep you posted on future Wild Rift updates. And for my fellow Android users with invitations, I highly suggest you download the game now before October 22nd gets you.

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