Wild Rift's Closed Beta Test Just Temporarily Ended And Here's What You Need To Know iOS Android 

Once again, Wild Rift will say goodbye for a few days to improve the game further before they return for the, possibly, last test. Posts of people sharing their experience last night before the game closed were spotted on different Facebook groups and pages. But for those who are waiting, the real question is WHAT'S NEXT?

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A lot of players, especially those who were unlucky not to be invited for any of the closed tests, were asking when exactly will they be able to play the game. Well, we do have good news for you! Look at the timeline provided by Riot below:

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Please don't get confused about what really ended today. Just look at it as a long adjustment and maintenance to improve the game. The Closed Beta Test hasn't ended yet and Riot is trying to bring the game closer and closer to the official worldwide launch.

Now, going back to the question of our dear waiting players, the answer will be MOST LIKELY. The invites will still be random but they're trying to test the capacity of the servers so they're more likely to send more invites than before. For those who are super lucky to get their spot, may it be the Alpha Regional Test or the Initial Regional Closed Beta Test, you'll be able to play the game right away when Wild Rift comes back.

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But, wait, here comes another confusing probability that the Wild Rift Support gave last month. We can't rule out the possibility that the Philippines might get a Regional Open Beta Test. Why? According to the dates when these two separate answers were given, the idea of the Open Beta Test is a later issue than the post of the timeline.

Right now, the resuming of the Closed Beta Test and the addition of more regions are confirmed. As to whether the Philippines will get an Open Beta Test or not, we'll soon see. But, please, don't get your hopes too high about the Open Beta Test. Let's just patiently wait while Riot is perfecting the game for us.

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As for the accounts, players are already aware of the account reset that will fully reflect once the game is running again. The bad news? Well, your account basically goes back to ZERO. Your precious Platinum or Diamond rank will be no more and everyone will need to grind back up.

The good news tho is that your Wild Cores, if you bought any, will be fully returned with an additional 20% amount once you come back. In short, you'll get 120% of your Wild Cores back! Riot is just showing off how much they love their players.

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Don't worry, I'm excited just as you are. Why? I've been waiting since the pre-registration went live last year! Well, I'm a huge fan of League and I see no need to complain whether I'll be able to play right now or not as long as the game becomes perfect once it fully launches.

I hope we're lucky this time around. With that being said, are you feeling the excitement and hope of getting in too? Or are you already one of the players who enjoyed the game? Tell us about your experience while either waiting or playing down below. See you in the Rift, Summoners!


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