Wild Rift's Position Preference Feature Will Be Set Out For Testing

In the upcoming Wild Rift Patch 2.2, Riot Games will be setting out its new feature, Position Preference, for testing. Players will now be able to prioritize their preferred positions before getting into a match.


Since the feature is only out for testing, players will be put in a different queue called Position Lab. While in the lobby, players will have the chance to order their preferred positions from most to least favorite. Considering position popularity, queue size, and fair matchmaking, this feature does not guarantee that players will always end up getting their most preferred role, but it will help them gain more control over their preferences. Riot is also aiming to give players their top two choices in most matches.

It will be a bit different from the League PC version since players get to specify preference order for all five positions (Solo, Jungle, Mid, Duo, and Support), whereas League PC only allows two choices. If players can't decide which role to pick, the game will collect data from previous matches and will present champions that fit each position to assist them in choosing.


When in a Position Lab queue, players will see a new symbol on their player emblem which allows them to prioritize their desired roles by clicking it, although it is not exactly required in order to play. After a fair match has been made and players enter champ select, their assigned roles will appear in a circle below their icon. Riot Games also expects longer queue times than usual. After all, it is still an experimental queue and not everyone will be interested in playing.


Since Wild Rift's map works in a different way, the name and icon of "Top" and "Bottom" lanes have been adjusted. In the image above, from left to right, is the Solo lane (Top lane), Jungle, Mid lane, Duo lane (Bottom lane) and Support.

Everyone who plays at least one Position Lab game each day will be rewarded with Blue Motes to make it worth their time. But keep in mind that this feature is still new and Riot Games will be collecting data, as well as player feedbacks, to improve the Position Preference feature. It will be running for a few days when Patch 2.2 comes out. And if players love this feature, it will be incorporated into Ranked games as soon as possible.

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