Wild Skins for Wild Rift: A More Intricate look of Wild Rift's new skins!

With Wild Rift getting closer and closer to be released by the days that pass by, some players have already experienced the authentic feel of the game. While there will be future improvements and bug fixes to be made, it is no surprise that they have done a splendid job at the slow release of the game. Now let's check how they plan to implement their main money maker in the game since it is free-to-play, skins.

Wild Rift Skins a.jpg

Skins are the main avenue of profits for Riot in League of Legends, sporting a free-to-play business, the best way to avoid scrutiny and criticism by others would be by selling cosmetics to the player base. In that way, they cannot be smeared as having a pay-to-win system and the customers can have a fun time in the game, showing off their favorite champions in interesting skins. I know I sport my PROJECT: Jhin when I play a game in League as Jhin. It evokes a confidence boost even if it's just a pseudo way of doing so.

Wild Rift should be no different from that so today we will check out some of their skins that people might find interest in. If you like it, you can buy it so you can use it in-game. It appears that they have 48 skins in the closed beta test and they will be using a different currency in Wild Rift for purchasing cosmetics and it will be called "Wild Cores".

Wild Rift Skins b.jpg

Starting off with Ashe and her skin "Freljord Ashe", you can see that the quality is well-done on this skin. The textures are well-placed and if you watch the video of the animations, it is amazing to look at. They really made sure that the result in mobile will end well and it shows.

Wild Rift Skins c.jpg

A crowd favorite champion. Jax's God Staff skin is something to behold in the game even in PC as the animations are clearly top-notch and the feeling of strength with using the skin is definitely making a confidence boost to the player. As WIld Rift will have more close encounters to the players as you can see their details closer than in PC where you need to zoom in to check, they made sure that the details are very clear on this one. You can see the color difference on each one and the result is a very dynamic looking skin.

Wild Rift Skins d.jpg

Fiora is known as one of the more regal and elegant champions in League of Legends, with swift strikes, awesome poses, and a voice that definitely exudes class, Riot definitely need to bring her justice and her Royal Guard skin does that. Like all things said earlier, this is also a well thought out skin that is transferred to Wild Rift. The details from the smallest things are well-considered and the overall design is greatly implemented in the game.

Wild Rift Skins e.jpg

Finally, how can I end the sneak peek of the skins in Wild Rift if I do not include Jhin? Sure, this inclusion is a bit biased but I can fairly give input as I love the design of this character in League of Legends. One thing that strikes me is that they really went out of their way to add holes on his scarf which indicates that he has been into fights and has lived to tell the tale, which is particularly true for Jhin so it does represent his High Noon skin well.

The gun model is also designed well in this look and overall, a skin that is worth the buy in the game. I do not have this one in the PC version as I have SKT T1 Jhin and PROJECT: Jhin in to use but High Noon is one of the most popular skins for him and I would definitely get it in Wild Rift if given the chance. I am gonna main him after all.


It is no wonder that Riot Games is earning a lot of money in League of Legends after all these years. The skins are definitely amazing to look at and the details are impeccable that even the animation changes and all that skill effects by other skins are definitely enough to get players to buy skins to make their game more fun and exciting. It might not affect the gameplay but the confidence of a player can be lifted with all these cosmetics.

The jury's out and majority if not all skins are implemented well in Wild Rift. Only time will tell if they will make a killing in terms of sales revenue in the mobile variant but with mobile gaming rising these days, they will definitely attract the market with their reputation and popularity. We definitely can't wait to play Wild Rift and experience all what Riot can offer in mobile, hasten the release of the game, Rito, pls? HAHAHA. But these are my takes, what are yours? Tell us in the comments!