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Nov 13, 2018
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Guides and tips for every lane:

  • Always focus on farming
  • Dont make your enemy farm
  • If you have disadvantage, you better just tower hug and focus on last hitting the minion or just stand where you can gain exp if you can't last hit the minions.
  • Always use your wards effectively
  • Always have map awareness, because the enemy's jungler will focus on ganking solo lanes (especially the midlane)
  • The midlaner have to always gank the other lanes, to make your team in advantage.
  • Always farm in jungle fast, and don't steal teammate's minion farm. (Get the minions if you predict that your teammate will not reach and not be able to kill the minions )
  • Always pan around the map so you can easily know where to gank.
  • Have map awareness so you will know where and when to get the objectives.
  • Use the red ward to always check the bush if it is warded and eliminate it.
  • Always use the bush to your advantage.
  • Always farm and don't let your enemy farm easily.
  • Always use wards (the support can use red ward, so the jungler can effectively gank )
  • Have map awareness, the midlaner and jungler will always try to gank. So if you don't see them in the map, it has a high chance that they are planning to gank you.
  • Just farm.
  • don't be toxic
  • just teach your teammate rather than being angry
  • learn from mistakes
  • if you have a toxic teammate and always trashtalk, you can just mute that player and focus with your game
  • just enjoy, and make the wildrift community a loveable and enjoyable place where players are able to play with comfort.

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