Wildrift progress: gameplay footage and changes to champions

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Since October last year, many are patiently for any updates for the upcoming mobile version of League of Legends which is known as LoL: Wildrift. It took a couple of months before we heard solid news about it and finally its design lead, Brian Feeney, recently fill us substantial updates through LoL Dev Diary.

There is bad news though; no dates have been specified when Wildrift will be launched which means the waiting game is still on. He also points out that Wildrift is still under development and requested gamers not to download anything unofficial. This perhaps is in relation to the humor that circling all around the net about a LoL mobile game that can be downloaded.

However, Feeney assures that the rest of Wildrift developers are doing their maximum effort for the said game. The good news that will definitely make the wait worth it is that they show finally a gameplay footage plus some details regarding the difference between the Champions of LoL in PC version and mobile version.

Feeney emphasizes that they wanted to "to keep the spirit and essence of the champs you know so they feel great for both veterans and newer players." This will be done by doing some changes in some Champions in the Wildrift and "give players more control and agency over how they play,” as stated by Feeney.

One of the changes they made is to turn pure passive abilities of some Champion into active abilities such as Twisted Fate's Stacked Deck and Vayne's Silverbolt. The point and click mechanics of some skills like Annie's Disintegrate is now transformed into a skill shot so that they can be easily cast when using in mobile phone game setting.

Other champions received also major upgrades like Lux's Ultimate Skills is now have a global range and Ashe's arrows are now fully controllable.

Feeney added that there will be no updates to be posted soon but promised that later this year more information will be given about Wildrift's progress.


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Apr 5, 2020
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Parang mas excited na ako dahil sa video na toh,im not pro player of this game but To be honest League of Legends is much more cool game than ML, but of course ML is good for now.