WildStar Will be Free to Play on June 9 2016

Discussion in 'MMO' started by LockDown, Jun 8, 2016.

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    Valve's let you play WildStar on PC Platform released by steam, June 9 will be the release of the MMO free to play game.
    WildsStar was released early February and we don't know what happened why it became free to play.


    WildStar will be launched on steam, a lot of offers will be given by Carbine Studios the developer of the game, Check the steam page for new bundles regarding the game. In game store packages will be the same as the bundles. Pets,mounts, costumes and many more can be bought.

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    WildStar was released in February 2014 and went free to play back in September 29, 2015. It has only recently been added to Steam. People left in large numbers around month 3 of it's initial release due to too many bugs, imbalances, and progression walls preventing bad players from entering "end game" raiding too quickly. They have since made it into a pretty good game but the damage was already done and most of the original players from launch have left this game in the past. I do believe with the Steam release it will see a decent amount of numbers to keep the game afloat. As a free to play game it definitely has an amazing amount of features for new players to get excited about and potentially pull back in a few veterans as well. I burned myself out on it back during initial launch and have had a hard time getting back into it but I feel all players looking for a great sci-fi mmorpg should definitely give this game a try seeing as it is F2P and also a AAA game.

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