Will Cabal Mobile Finally Release Its SEA Version?

One of the ongoing trends today in mobile MMORPG is turning classic MMORPG in PC into a more accessible mobile version. Just recently, Rohan has already had its own mobile port and it seems it's going pretty well. However, one of the early MMORPGs of the late 2000s that is still not making any move towards releasing a mobile version (particularly an English version), to the dismay of some gamers, is Cabal.

Though technically there is a Cabal Mobile available in South Korea since May 2019, its been way too long for the developers to finally decide whether they will release a SEA version which arguably has a huge and still dedicated Cabal Online community. EST Games, who is the main developer of Cabal Mobile, has promised that an English version is under development but nearly a year has passed and still there is no updates or news about it.

But it seems there is hope in finally experiencing Cabal's slick RPG action possibly this year. Base on the research done by Enduins, the long time partner of EST games which is Electronics Extreme (EE), is rumored in Thailand for undertaking the development of Cabal SEA version. This was hinted by the new domain name which is both linked EE and Cabal Mobile together. There is even an announcement of new yet still unnamed MMORPG on a mobile platform to be released this year by EE which adds more hints that this might be Cabal Mobile.

However, there is no confirmation yet from EE if they are truly working out the release of Cabal Mobile. Other things that we should consider is whether this is a SEA version or a Thailand version only.

We can only hope that all these clues and hints are actually the real thing and the only question we have to answer now is the scheduled date of it. For now, players can have a taste of Cabal Mobile via VPN while patiently waiting for an English version.

Cabal Mobile is a mobile version of the hit MMORPG Cabal Online the first brought to us an action packed combat through an intuitive skill chain system that allows players to string the attacks and skills of their avatar fluidly. This feature remains on its mobile version plus the familiar PVP, PVE, and guild war. Cabal Mobile also features an auto mode system which makes it more suited for mobile gameplay. In general, all the elements from the original PC predecessor is transferred into the mobile port with added optimization to make it more tuned for mobile gaming.

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