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    In line with the Community Heroes' 25v25 Guild War, a side contest was launched by the said organizing group to further promote their biggest online Mobile Legends competition as well as helping other guilds not just to win a massive amount of Dias but also in solidifying the camaraderie among its member.


    The Guild Presentation Contest will pit the beautiful Guild Princesses of every registered Guild in the 25v25 Guild War against each other not to wage war in the Land of Dawn but to showcase their best video presentation within the minimum length of 5 minutes. Here the battle is not about entirely their knowledge about ML but their charisma and ability to create entertaining content about their guild's history, experience, and even about themselves in the most creative way.

    Guild Princess must appear in the said video and talk about anything about the Guild War, their guild's preparation about it, the untold stories of their ups and downs, and other messages for ML gamers, Moonton, and the Community Heroes. Take note that negative message is strictly prohibited in the presentation but each can use different special effects to keep their video creative.

    Each member of the Guild can also help their princess to edit and enhance the video presentation before they will post it on her own personal FB timeline (in Public Setting) with hashtag #GuildWar, #MobileLegends, and #CommunityHeroes. This will be their entry where they will register right here in this form.

    There are three winning categories for this contest where 3 Guild Princess can claim the 3rd, 2nd, and 1st spot in each category with a corresponding amount of Dias as rewards for clinching any of these spots. The Overall Best Presentation Award can win as much as 5000 Dias as well as the entry with the highest FB share (Facebook Posting Achievement Award). The Most Presentable Guild Princess, on the hand, can win a total of 3000 Dias but there's more; Community Heroes will also give additional 1000 Dias for the guild who they think has given superb effort for the video as well as another 1000 Dias for those who participate in the video entry.

    Prizes and Criteria
    • Participation Reward - 1000 Diamonds
    • Overall Best Presentation Reward
      • 1st Place - 5000 Diamonds
      • 2nd Place - 3000 Diamonds
      • 3rd Place - 1000 Diamonds
    • Facebook Posting Achievement Reward
      • Highest Post Shares - 5000 Diamonds
      • Post Shares Reached 500 - 2000 Diamonds
      • Post Shares Reached 200 - 1000 Diamonds
    • Most Presentable Guild Princess (criteria: Prettiness, voice quality and clarity, overall charm)
      • 1st Place - 3000 Diamonds
      • 2nd Place - 2000 Diamonds
      • 3rd Place - 1000 Diamonds
    • Other Rewards
      • 2000 Diamonds - The Community Heroes will give an additional of 1000 diamonds to guilds who they think needs more rewards based on the effort given to the video presentation.
    Take note that this contest is not required for the guilds who will be participating in the said 25v25 Guild War though they are highly encouraged to send their entry until August 22 for the deadline.

    In other news, the 25v25 Guild War is currently ongoing still and each guild seems to strive hard to win the war as all of the 45 Guilds who participate has already managed to claim their win respectively. Visit the FB page of Community Heroes for more updates about it and if you want, you can still register your Guild to join the grand scale competition.

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