Winter Survival Game Tutorial


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Jul 7, 2019
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After the OBT started, we found that many survivors were stuck or encountered their bottlenecks in the tutorial stage.
Maybe you are just a fresh man to the survival games; Or maybe the level is too difficult for going forward!

For whatever reason, to help you go through the crisis in the wind and snow, here is a walk-through for you!


If you are a strong and unyielding "true" survivor! Don't need any “teacher”, please immediately close this post!

Tips:Ready to go? Let’s get started!

The White Walkers attacked human village. The village is falling.
And your leg is badly injured and you need to a treatment as soon as possible!

Oh no! It's the White Walkers who are eating human corpses!
Take up your weapons and fight off the White Walkers!

You’ll find a fellow lying next to a campfire. You need to loo for bandages from him!
And use bandages on your legs! You can "restore" the action force!

Walk along the the stone road and fast go through the jungle!
REMEMBER! Avoid to stay where you are and don't get tangled with the White Walkers!

Keep running!
You’re gonna find a cable bridge! Fast go through it before White Walkers getting you!

After crossing the bridge, a group of escorts will be with you.
Cutting off the cable bridge rope then the White Walkers cannot come any closer!

The bridge's broken and you are saved! Unfortunately, all escorts fell off the cliff and died!
Never make yourself sad for a long time because you gotta survive!
Now clean the obstacles with a shovel and keep moving on!

Make a bonfire and tent as soon as possible before White Walkers and blizzards attack!
REMEMBER! Never get out from the tent before blizzards leave!

Then keep going forward after the blizzards! Walk towards the "green" area in the map. You can get out of this place! The Camp is where you will pay a visit, a place that is much safer and warmer! After the village attack! You should have had some preliminary knowledge of survival!

With these knowledge, you gotta go and count on yourself again for the next road! You count on yourself! The entire human society counts on you!

So, come on! Survivor! It’s your show time!

Keep updating

If you have any questions about the game, please do not hesitate to let us know. We'll update the post about solution, answers or possible walk-through through this section!

Q: If the character dies in the game, why can you sometimes see its body, while sometimes you can’t?
A: This is because there are rules in the game for "Live Refresh" and "Period Limit Refresh".
Live Refresh means, when when you're completely off the map, all resources in the map will be refreshed, including character body;
While Period Limit Refresh means, when when you're completely off the map, resources in the map won’t be refreshed until until a certain deadline point is reached. In this case, The map may disappear or appear at another location and carry on the next round of cool-down.
This is the reason that sometimes you see the body, sometimes it's gone!
Thus, To be killed in in the "Live Refresh" based map, you are gonna to pay much more price!
In a word, STAY ALIVE!

A Map Guide For You

Q: I don't know what to do now... I completely lost the goals...
A: Oh no! Survivor! Always remember your goal is to survive and defeat the White Walkers! To achieve this goal:
Firstly, you gotta to have enough food to keep your body functioning!
Secondly, you gotta to be well equipped and armed to fight the wild White Walkers and wild-lives!
Lastly, you need to keep storing resources and building your own homes, until you are strong enough to reclaim your territory.
In conclusion, let’s move and explore the map now!