WNM Leads the Pack, Vietnam Stays Strong in NetEase Games’ Top Clans 2020 ROS SEA Invitational

Guild of Guardians
Action continues with NetEase Games’ Top Clans 2020 Rules of Survival SEA Invitational. The SemiFinals this week determined who really deserve to be in the Top 16. With one stage left for the tournament, eight teams dropped out in the SemiFinals. Find out in this article who among the 24 teams left managed to make it out alive in the battlegrounds.

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The Groups of Survivors

The 24 teams who played in the SemiFinals are composed of 16 teams who directly advanced from the Group Stage, with 8 more teams coming from the Knockout Stage held last week. They are grouped into three, with each group having eight teams. These groups are:

Group A


Group B


Group C


With the SemiFinals lasting three days, each day two teams played together for six rounds. Each team played each other once, which meant all teams played twelve rounds. Their scores were tallied across the three days, which became the basis on who moves on to the Finals. The top 16 teams after the three days of the SemiFinals moves on to the Finals.

Firing Rounds

Group A and Group B went head-to-head on the first day of the SemiFinals. The action picked up right where things left off after the Knockout Stage. However, the teams who were dropped out of the Group Stage and bounced back up from the Knockout Stage didn’t stand a chance against the teams who never had to go through the Knockout Stage.

Among all the teams in from the Knockout Stage, only FNBY and WCRABS would survive the SemiFinals, the rest would fall prey to the aggressiveness of the other teams. Such team is MANIAC, who proved that they are the true masters of ROS. They totally dominated Day 1, scoring more than 30 points than the second-placers, leading in both kills and ranking.

Rankings after Day 1​.png

Rankings after Day 1

When Group B and Group C dropped off the plane on Day 2, MANIAC still took the lead. They solidified the advantage they already had in the previous day, cementing their position right on top.

They are followed by Vietnam’s ISF and NBA, teams that stood out in the Filipino-dominated tournament. ISF and NBA, along with their countrymen at ISD, would manage to survive through the Semis. Sadly, the fourth team from Vietnam, IAM RAHH, wasn’t able to convert their overwhelming victory in the Knockout Stage into a win here in the SemiFinals.
Rankings by the end of Day 2​.png

Rankings by the end of Day 2

When Day 3 came around, it felt as if MANIAC’s score was unbeatable. All teams focused on getting into the top sixteen. With the scores being updated live, the pressure was higher in Day 3 compared to the others. Knowing the score to beat adds to the duress of the players in the battlefield.

However, after the dust settled, WNM narrowly overtook MANIAC with just two points, managing to score higher through survival. BARCODE followed MANIAC at more than twenty points behind. ISF followed BARCODE closely with just a one-point differential, while the highest scoring team from Group C, BE, only managing to finish fifth.

Filipino-favorites WTG only managed to scrape by, finishing at sixteenth place. Last year’s champions, LESAVAGE, barely got into the upper eight. The results have been surprising, but all the sixteen teams, regardless of ranking in the SemiFinals, will again be fighting on equal footing in the Finals.

Top Sixteen Teams.png

The Top Sixteen Teams of the Top Clans 2020 ROS SEA Invitational, all heading to the Finals

The Final Stand-Off

NetEase Games’ Top Clans 2020 will conclude with the Finals of Rules of Survival. As the scores reset for the final time, all the sixteen teams in the Finals will have equal chances of winning. Those who were able to score the highest in the SemiFinals may fall off, and WTG may still emerge victorious. The possibilities are endless, and anyone would be hard-pressed to predict a victor.

Don’t miss the momentous event that will lead to the crowing of Rules of Survival’s Top Clans in SEA, as the we go through the Final Stand-Off this coming November 7-8, 2020.

Tune in on the Top Clans 2020 official pages on Facebook, Youtube, and Twitch. The live stream will also be available in Thai language on the Top Clans Thailand Facebook page and Malay on Ancient Galaxy Esports. You can also follow news and updates about Top Clans 2020 on tiktok.com/@topclansesports (EN) and tiktok.com/@topclansesportsth (TH). Cambodian fans may also watch the livestreams in their own language at the Playgame Facebook page.

Stay tuned and cheer hard! This is Passion.

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