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May 8, 2019
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Good day fellow priest! The most awaited episode is finally just around the corner, and FINALLY our job as Full Support Archbishops will be amplified! Hence, i decided to share some tips on what to expect for Episode 4.0, based on experience on China Server. Moreover, this guide will focus more on WoE/PVP Build.

All of these information came from damage tests and discussions with my Guildmates in Umbrella Corp. Shout out to FS`Punks, Janeah, Warchlyr and wAFs (even though your in Navy Training) for these.

Disclaimer: As before, take this guide with a grain of salt, as this is based on my Episode 4.0 experience in China Server. It may or may not apply in your server, so read on diligently with a sound understanding.

Wandering the streets of Juno

  1. Basically in Episode 4.0, as you transcend into Archbishop, your BASE HP will increase (by approximately 60% as calculated by Abvie Vincent Palacios - aka FS`Punks). You may check his post on somewhere in this group
  2. During this episode, damages will be OFF THE ROOF (that is, if the SEA Devs copy the timeframe of CN of applying overall adjustments on damage and skills during Episode 5). So yeah, archbishops will be very much needed on this episode. (middle finger to those who said slave priests are enough)
  3. There will be quite a number of new skills (Epiclesis, Coloseo Heal, Slow Poison, Veto, to name a few), most of which are going to be very vital in GvG and PvP. I will be discussing them in detail later on this manuscript.
  4. Runes will also be extended to give way to the new skills. You may find guides on how to unlock runes+ on Ragnarok Mobile Philippines page)
  5. Also with regards to equips, there will be new tiers as well. I will be posting the link for Episode 4.0 tier gears later on.

with my Archbishop guildmates in Umbrella. We come in different colors

  • Here’s my “base” stat breakdown during Episode 4.0 Era during WOE
    • Vitality = 119 (Maxed)
      • Focused on increasing my base HP since damages are large
      • Update: you may want to play around your Vit since Genetic’s Fire Expansion has a vit multipler. Your choice to make.
    • Dexterity = 100 (Variable)
      • Why this amount? EPICLESIS is VCT/Dex dependent. Dexterity and VCT reduction equips will come needed to have it no cast. No cast epiclesis is very much needed in WoE/GvG as clash comes in a snap.
      • This is gonna be dependent on your equips, so you may want to play around to check on what dexterity level you will have no cast
    • Int = 0 (yes, NILL)
      • Here comes the tricky part. Shadow Chasers (3rd job of Stalkers) has this Skill called Mana Trap (in CN), wherein they can deal OP amounts of damage because of its formula having an INT multiplier. I can clearly recall those Shadow chasers with at least 7-8k patk can deal 40-60k of Damage PER TIC before, and they can stack this skill upto 3x, and btw, its AOE. [Though during the skills adjustment period, they nerfed the shit out of that skill, having it focus more on draining mana instead of HP, after all it was named MANA trap lol]
      • How about my healing? During WoE, we BARELY utilised COLOSEO HEAL during this era. The burst damages will be very hard to cover up with this skills. We prioritised using EPICLESIS instead which is based on the receivers max hp. (will discuss it later).
      • How about my sp and sp recovery? Mdef? We maximzed our SP recovery skills and it wasn’t a problem. Mdef on the other hand can be covered by foods (though less of a concern cause most enemies have ignore mdef anyway lol)
    • Remaining stats i placed on Agi.
  • I wouldn’t discuss much on the equipments, since most of you may already have an idea, just a brief tips on what we used before during this episode:
    • Off hand: Stone Buckler ,+10 max tier (for the Max hp 5% and size modifier reduction per refine) or ideally (since we already made some damage testing comparing both) Static Shield (though there’s no tier on this episode yet) + Marc Card
    • Armor: Meteorite Armor (for stun resist) or Staunch Cape/Armor (for fear immunity) + Argiope Card (Put and Stored)
      • Here’s the interesting part. ARGIOPE CARD is vital to resist Guillotine Cross’ deadly skills: Poison Smoke/Fog. During this episode, Argiope card deems the armor to become poison property, hence Poison smoke/fog will be ineffective.
      • A GX’s poison smoke is OP without argiope card. It deals around 15k++ damage per tic once your in the smoke area, and can activate “lasting poison” which drains your HP even though you’re not on the area within a specific time frame. And if its rune activated, can poison you (3x) with around 40-50k per tic once stacked. Having argiope card will half down that original damage into 10-15k, and lasting poison WILL NOT TAKE EFFECT. so BASICALLY you will just be walking around poison smogs (great hack thanks to my guildies in Umbrella Corp. lol)
      • “Lasting Poison” will be resisted with the new skill “Slow Poison” BUT its gonna take a while since it has fct casting and runs for a limited time only (approximately 20 seconds at full level and if without rune)
    • Manteu: Survivors Manteu > Staunch Mana Manteu + Muka Star Card
      • Have it +10 partnered with survivors rod to get that 20% physical damage reduction. MUCH NEEDED IN THIS ERA since physical damages will be ranging between 5-6 digits.
      • Staunch Mana Manteu is good for neutral and magic damage reductions (Mana trap in this episode is NULL (no element), which will be changed eventually to Neutral in Episode 5), and Arms Canon (neutral by default but can be used with convertors). Though this of course, is expensive. Episode 5.0 is meta for Staunch Mana Manteu so keep this at your top priority
      • Muka Star gives 8% magical damage reduction. You may also still utilize your raydric card, but in this era, magic damages are of top most priority.
    • Weapon: Survivors Rod + Meta Ant Egg Card (2x)
      • As explained earlier, for the physical damage reduction combo and also Max HP of 15%
      • Meta Ant Egg Card = 5% Max HP each, have 2 to help boost your HP by 10%
    • Mouth: Angry Snarl or Midgard Mask
      • I chose Angry Snarl due to its VCT decreasing effect to help remove casting for my epiclesis as well as its demi reduction.
    • The rest of items, variable on your own preference. Explained it during my previous manuscript on basic woe equips so you may want to brush over that.

My current skill tree set-up for Archbishop with Job 60
  • During episode 5, max Job will be Job 40. Some skills depicted above are already maxed at Job 60. I will only discuss vital skills for GvG, hence below is a brief description of each skills with their difference when it comes to Episode 5.0.
  • It’s going to be a challenge job levelling after transcending into Archbishop, and it may take a while before you can reach job level 40 (but for WoE skills, Job level 33 is enough). I suggest you prioritize maxing out 1) Epiclesis (Job level 8), followed by 2) Son of Light (Job level 11), followed by 3) Realization (Job level 16), then 4) Coloseo Heal (Job level 26) then 5) Slow Poison (Job level 29), the 6) Veto (Job level 39)
      • Decreases FCT (Fixed Casting Time) for % per level. USEFUL for duo with warlock using Chain Lightning when grinding. A prerequisite for Epiclesis.
    • VETO
      • Episode 4.0: Locks enemy’s item, disabling them to use items for a certain time
      • After Fix: Episode 5.0: Fixed! Includes item and skill, disabling both for a certain time frame (prolonged with runes activated)
    • EPICLESIS (EP 4.0 Max level 5)
      • Summon a “tree of life” which resurrects with 70% HP (dead guild-mates even outside the party) and regenerates HP of the receiver (based on their Max HP) by % and SP (by 4%) , and increases their Max HP by 20% while regenerating for 7 seconds (tics like sanctuary)

Epiclesis in Action!
  • To describe it simply, INSIDE PVP/GVG, a Rune Guard with an actual HP of around 1.5m will regenerate around 30-40k per tic, whereas a warlock with 150k HP will regenerate hp of 10-15k per tic, for 7 seconds. It also regenerates SP so compared to single resurrection, this is way better.
  • This is Variable Cast Time and Dexterity dependent. so aim to remove its casting.
  • During Episode 4.0: The healing tic LASTS even though the receiver is already outside the tree area. It tics like sanctuary (approximately 7 tics per casting) with SP. Max level 5
  • During Episode 5,0: The healing tic only applies on people within the tree area, BUT their’s a new feature as it’s max cap is increased to Level 10. And at Level 6, it has additional Damage Reduction while being regenerated, approximately 20% at level 10.
  • You CANNOT use this to heal the emperium.
  • It consumes 1 HOLY WATER per casting (1,000 zeny in items NPC or you may farm it from Parasite Monster at Juno Field)
  • Basically it’s the bread and butter of ABs during clash. Use it wisely
    • SON OF LIGHT (EP 4.0 Max level 3)
  • Passive skill. When resurrected, You (Archbishop) will be invulnerable to all types of damage for ___ seconds (maxed at level 3)
  • Episode 5.0 fix: Max level 6. Once resurrected, will be invulnerable to types of damage for ___seconds and will automatically cast STONE CURSE all enemies near the perimetry for ___ seconds (hell yeah!!)
  • Passive skill. Decreases overall skill delay by % per level. Useful in spamming epiclesis.
  • Active skill, based solely on BASE HEAL (Base heal x 2 by Level 10)

This one is a crit heal, equipped with the Archangel Back. Coloseo heal is around 20k. Base heal around 10k (Level 20 with 119 int)
  • To put it simply, it just like heal but of mass effect. All guildmates within the perimetry will be healed. Heal effect is based on base heal. So Int + Holy Atk/Healing Runes + Healing Enchants + Items (e.a Croce) will affect its output.
  • Also, healing potent/lasting heal will be x2. So if your Basic heal is 10k with lasting heal of 5k, With coloseo, it will be 20k with lasting heal of 10k.
  • It has a total of 5 runes, with each rune described as 2% extra heal for every HP lost. Having a total of 10% Extra heal based on the HP lost. To simplify things, your heal will be LARGER to a person WITH a LOWER HP.
  • Due to its long cooldown time (2 seconds), we barely used coloseo during clash in this episode. It’s hard to keep up with the burst damages dealt and large HPs with its long CD. We preferred Epiclesis instead (though expensive). Also, our weapon back then was survivors rod, and croce was kept on the storage until episode 5.0 when there’s synthesis.
  • You CANNOT use this to heal the emperium.
  • Active skill. Once casted, lessens poison damage and renders you immune to poison tics for 20 seconds.
  • Can only be casted to your self. We tried casting it to other party mates to no avail
  • Has an FCT of approximately 2 seconds (hassle sya i cast lol)
  • How does this work? For instance, a GX casts poison smoke in your area, you will still receive the initial poison damage, but lower. and their “lasting poison” will not take effect when you move away from the area. As discussed before, lasting poison works like “burn” wherein it poisons/drains an enemy’s life once in effect. For this episode ARGIOPE CARD renders lasting poison ineffective, hence we barely used this skill at all, not until they nerfed the shit out of that card prior to Episode 5.0
  • It also has a total of 5 runes, prolonging the immune time into 30 seconds once on full rune with 25% poison damage reduction.

  • This is what i’m always doing before entering a choke point as you can observe on my videos. When regrouping before a choke point:
    • Only place EPICLESIS on your auto. Activate it RIGHT BEFORE entering the choke point. Remove everything else. Your priority is resurrect guildmates inside.
    • Cast Buffs + Ruwatch + Slow poison before entering
    • Cast ASPERSIO on your melee party mates (since Most of the defenders on the choke point will be using Argiope card on their armor. Holy Property deals more damage against Poison)
    • Always enter AFTER all your tanks and melees have entered the choke point
    • Inside the choke point, a good defender will spam RK’s Howling and Mana trap on the choke point. I usually drink Clearance Syrup to render myself invulnerable from status abnormalities for 8 seconds while on choke point, since Mateos Armor doesn’t have fear resist yet. Also on this era, i usually eat 3 Anti-Fatal Salads (prontera royal salad with -2.25% skill delay) and 3 Status Immune Food (to help ward off abnormalities).
    • When inside a choke point, here’s the challenging part. While your epiclesis is activated on your auto skill, LEARN to cast your epiclesis on death points while surviving. Since there’s no land protector yet on your server, this is gonna be a walk in the park AS LONG AS YOU’RE ALIVE. Utilize your Alloys and anti-fatal salads. Utilize your hiding syrup if the clash gets tight.
    • Penetration in this era is quite Easy as long as you as a full support is WELL EQUIPPED, with a good balance of HP + Resist Enchants + Damage Reductions.
  • Always stay behind your long ranged attackers (warlocks) and spam Pneuma (since Arms Canon from Mechanics can easily wipe out your long ranged warlocks during this era)
    • When enemy is pushing, spam Epiclesis all over your teammates.
    • Always keep RUWATCH on hand. Shadow Chasers and GX on this era will be very stealthy and hard to detect. Although they’re always predictable to hide on the corners of the portal.
      • Extra Hack: RUWATCH can STUN!! Activate your Holy Light to level 5 then Holy Amplification till level 5 as well as 2 runes (just look for it) to have a stun rate of 60%. As you cast Ruwatch, hidden enemies around the perimetry of ruwatch will be revealed, (except with Shadow Chasers using Vanish as it was a bug before, currently fixed now in CN server) and holy light will be automatically casted on them, stunning them for around 2-3 seconds. (Umbrella Corp. Hacks 101, shoutout to my guildmates!)

Wondering what's in store for Episode 6.0
  • So basically, that its for this guide. I think i already included most of vital informations for Archbishops in this era. I exluded Rune guide since it’s all over the Ragnarok Mobile Philippines page and ROM Discord Group. You just have to be diligent in looking.
  • Again, this guide is a fusion of guildmate discussions and test damages, so i’m not solely responsible and i give credit to each and everyone of them (FS`Punks, Janeah, Warchlyr, wAFs, and Umbrella Corp).
  • For queries and suggestions, you may comment on the thread below so we can have a healthy discussions and improve our supporting skills.
This Era is gonna be LIT for us FS, Hope ya’ll enjoy being an Archbishop!
Till next episode!
- Purky

Umbrella Corp. (China Server)

Always move as a Team.

credits to Chester John Rebojo

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