Women Breaking Barriers: Tournament for Female Pro-Players in Mobile Legends Finally Kicks Off! | Female Pro League (FEPL)

Esports has historically been a male-dominated field that women have struggled to break into over time. Despite the growing popularity of esports, the underrepresentation of women players highlights the sexism and discrimination experienced by female players during competitive online gaming. Whether it's sports video gaming, role-playing games, computer games, or mobile gaming, female players face unique challenges and often have to work twice as hard as men to establish themselves. Despite the overall growth of esports, sexism, and gender stereotypes persist within the industry. Female gamers frequently encounter negative reactions and comments, often tinged with sarcasm and violence, within gaming communities.


While half of the gamers in the community are female, only a few tournaments are being recognized in the Philippines. The pressure for women to prove themselves and thrive in the rising eSports field is undeniably significant. Although eSports emerged as a new and exciting way to showcase one's skills and abilities, it was supposed to ensure equal opportunities and privileges for all.

And now, with the rise of safe space communities for women gamers like Gamer Girls Philippines (GGP), we can witness the fearlessness of female gamers in showcasing their skills and shattering barriers in the world of sexism and stereotypes. Different companies and organizations have begun to acknowledge the talents and abilities of women in the realm of playing Mobile Legends.


Over the months, the tournament organization Female Pro League (FEPL), powered by Cerebrum Media, has been at the forefront of advocating for change in the eSports industry. FEPL serves as a platform that aims to eliminate discrimination, sexism, stereotypes, and harassment against women in professional eSports tournaments. They achieve this by organizing dedicated teams for each season of tournaments and leagues exclusively for professional women Mobile Legends players. This initiative creates a safe space and a platform for these talented individuals to showcase their skills, prove their talents, gain the recognition they deserve, and enhance their professional careers in Mobile Legends.


It's time to embrace the excitement and witness history unfold as the highly anticipated tournament showcases the extraordinary skills and talents of women's professional Mobile Legends players. Featuring powerhouse teams such as ELG Valkyrie, Lycan Esports, ZOL Esports, Smart Omega, WPE, G Sports, IDNS, and GGFE, this groundbreaking event promises an exhilarating competition that you won't want to miss! With a massive prize pool of PHP 100,000, this is the perfect opportunity to rally behind these incredible female players and support the growth of women in the Mobile Legends eSports scene. Alongside FEPL's partners, Community Gaming SEA, Razer Gold, and Soldier's Diner Plainview Mandaluyong, it's time to prepare to conquer the eSports Mobile Legends Arena! Unleash your gaming prowess, and get ready, set, dominate!

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