Wondrous: The Arena is expected to launch in 2022, A new trailer has been released!

First announced way back in 2019 and was known as Project Arena, now, it has been renamed as Wonderus: The Arena by the Korean developer of the game, NGEL Games.


This week, Wonderus: The Arena will be displayed at G-Star 2021. The game is made with Unreal Engine 4 and will support cross-platform play between PC and mobile. It will feature a combination of rogue-like and battle royale genres in a world of fantasy.

When Wonderus: The Arena was first known as Project Arena, the game was said to be similar to MapleStory 2. Especially with the camera view and the block-based world design, some pointed out how the game reminded them of the said game.

NGEL Games is preparing to launch the game in 2022 and it is also said that it will be also released in the global market. For now, stay tuned for further updates of the game!