World Cyber Games 2019 Invitation

The World Cyber Games, also known as the "Olympics of Esports", is making a comeback after six long years. As one of the most important gaming events in the world, WCG is looking for legendary players around the world! You better hurry up!


Winners of the Online Qualifiers will have a chance to represent their country at the WCG 2019 Finals in Xi’an, China! All expenses paid, that means all your travel and accommodations are covered! You’re getting paid to play!

What makes WCG more exciting than other Clash Royale tournaments is that you get to represent your own country and earn medals along the way! Amateur players are also more than welcome to join in this international competition! Become the hero of your clan and your country by winning in this prestigious tournament!

What are you waiting for? Assemble your best decks and become not only a king, but also a legend! REGISTRATION WILL CLOSE ON APRIL 2, 2019. HURRY UP! DON’T MISS YOUR CHANCE!

To get you started, let me guide you with the registration process:
  1. Visit the official WCG website through any browser here:
  2. Select the game title you want to register for, make sure to scroll down if you do not see it.
  3. Once you have clicked your game title, select your nationality. You must be a holder of that nationality, and for team games, all players must be of the same nationality.
  4. After selecting your nationality, click the apply button.
  5. You will be redirected to the registration page where you must select your nationality again and consent that you selected the correct one. Below that, you must fill out all the necessary information. You must be 16 years of age or older in order to participate.
  6. Read carefully through the disclaimers about the WCG national qualifiers, once you have done that you may hit the submit button to send in your application.
  7. To complete registration you will receive an email within 72 hours. In this email will be the Tournament link and Join Code. Use the link in the email to access the National Qualifier tournament page.
  8. Type your join code to finish your registration.


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BRIEF BACKGROUND: WORLD INDIE ESPORTS ASSOCIATION: "Believe it or not, the relevance of every major business, and sports IS a high grossing, relevant business industry, is the psychological impact made on the media and viewers. Time to get super serious and make it an actual sport" is the thought from our creator. Global teams, skillset requirements various divisions, sponsors, uniforms, draft picks, playoffs, and championships - all done annually with seasons. This is what The World Indie ESports Association has cultivated.

DETAILS: The E-Craze Draftpick pool has 15,000 screening seats worldwide. There are 5,000 screening seats in all three platforms: PC, Microsoft XBox, and Sony PlayStation.