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    Hello everyone!

    Wanted to share a really cool IOS game which has really calmed me in the past weeks and i have learned a lot about geographic locations. Im really interested in your view of the game.

    Share your opinion on this game. Share your thoughts and give your review.

    Do you think this is a must-have on Android?


    World Dominator - Build Empire

    Tell me, have you ever dreamed of becoming the world dominator? Have you ever wanted to buy a city where you live? Now you have a real chance to get the feeling of domination.

    You are a participant in a big race with a goal to become the World Dominator! You will need less than 5 minutes to understand how to play the game.

    Buy real cities, add buildings and start earning money. Compete with others and grow your influence. If you need to make extra cash, open the "Tap game" and earn money by tapping the screen and making the globe turning around.

    Finally, there is a way to show your dominance to friends, to all the haters, to that girl who broke your heart in elementary school. Buy cities, capitals and even whole continents!

    Become the WORLD DOMINATOR!

    The game reset takes place on each Wednesday at 00:00 GMT. After each game reset you can proceed to the next level where more buildings are available.


    The game is made by ChiliLabs.

    * Seller: Chili
    * Size: 107.8 MB
    * Compatibility: requires iOS 10 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
    * Languages: English
    * Version: 1.4
    * Age rating: 4+
    * Price: free
    * Supports Family Sharing.

    Have fun earning monies and becoming the World Dominator!


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