World Flipper, the Masterpiece Pinball RPG Launched Globally!

Kakao Games, in association with Cygames, is proud to announce the global release of their new mobile action RPG, World Flipper, which will be available via the Google Play Store and App Store.

World Flipper is a pinball-inspired RPG action game brought to life with classic 2D pixel graphics. Players can immerse themselves in the compelling story that follows a variety of adventurers as they journey through different worlds.


Players maneuver their party with flippers. By tapping the screen, flippers will launch characters to the top of the screen. If the screen is tapped again, the character will perform a dash, which allows them to change trajectory or attack enemies.


Players can collect and develop a variety of characters. Characters can unleash special abilities, which can be combined with other characters’ skills to create endless attack combos. In Co-op mode, players will be able to cooperate with their friends to defeat brutal bosses.


Thanks to a successful pre-registration campaign in August, which surpassed one million global pre-registrants, all World Flipper players will now receive the 4-Star exclusive character, Arisa, and loads of in-game currency, Lodestar Beads. Plus, a SEA/OCE server will be available for South East Asian and Oceania gamers. Stay up to date with news and events by following our Facebook Page!

Experience epic pinball battling on the go with the amazing new game, World Flipper!

About World Flipper

World Flipper is a pinball action game with RPG elements for the mobile featuring retro 2D-style pixel graphics. Each unit is aligned with one of six elements, which has a unique set of skills. In addition to the main storyline, there are event dungeons and boss battles where up to 3 players can battle simultaneously.

About Cygames

Cygames, Inc., formed as a CyberAgent group company, is an acclaimed developer and operator of mobile and console games. In addition to creating original mobile game titles such as Granblue Fantasy, Shadowverse, and Princess Connect! Re: Dive, Cygames also produces manga, animation, and various other media.

About Citail

Citail, Inc. is a subsidiary game developer of Cygames, which was established on February 6th, 2015. Starting with World Flipper, Citail develops apps published by Cygames.

About Kakao Games

Kakao Games is a leading publisher of online and mobile games. Founded in 2016, Kakao Games is responsible for publishing a variety of games, including Pearl Abyss' Black Desert Online (serviced in North America and Europe until early 2021), Krafton's PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (available in Korea), Kong Studios' Guardian Tales (available in North America, Europe, Latin America and Oceania), XL Games’ Moonlight Sculptor (available in North America and Europe), Krafton's Elyon (scheduled for release in North America and Europe), and its newest addition, Cygames' World Flipper.

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