World of Dragon Academic Class and WoD Free Item Codes

A genius in the bag and a terror at long ranged combat. The Academic class is almost upon us to make us shout "Artillery Only!". Like the old Youtube meme, we would have the chance to shout these to the players of World of Dragon Nest since in a few days, the Academic Class will arrive in the game. Let's see what makes it strong.

The Academic class is a versatile one. This class will always be in the backline but it has more things going to them than just shooting their guns from afar. They are touted like the lovechild of the Sorceress and the Archer classes, in which they boast protective barriers and support skills while maintaining to support the offensive with long ranged weapons that will ensure your safety. Their weapons are the cannon and the Kabalah, both have differing capabilities.

The cannon is the standard artillery for Academics, this gun has an unlimited ammo and its range is farther than the arrows of an archer, making you able to strike fear from afar. While the Kabalah, this gun is where the fun begins...

This gun is the alchemist's gun as it has different take on guns. Mix it with poison, ice, fire and maybe a little bit of potion, it's the overall gun that will help you support offensively or defensively. So there are two options for Academics, the Vanilla Cannon or the Chad Kabalah, your call though in which you see is most useful and fit in your play style as an academic.

Besides, the weapons we need to see what they can do to keep the ball rolling. Their trusty robot Alfredo is on the job. With its power, it can spin and shoot devastating lasers around the area, pretty good for a defensive aura against someone going in to eliminate you.

Also neat as a distraction while you flee. Another one that you can use is your turrets. Yep, we are going full defensive mode here as we can set up Crazy Duck and his turret to protect you against enemies.

Crazy Duck is a black duck that will ride the turret that you can place so he can man the guns, no need to man it, just keep raining thunder from afar.

As for Academics statline, it goes 3,5,4,4,4. Evasion is only 3 as it should be since you are already afar, just mind your positioning. The Attack Range is 5 which should be very obvious as you are the siege man of the team.

Recovery is 4 since you can do support things like healing and barrier, great utility for a team composition. Crowd Control is 4, as a supportive offense-type character, you can cause things that will help the team to impede the enemies and finally an Area of Effect skill with 4, since you are afar, your attacks will be considered as siege, which means the damage will be collateral, which can be good to make the enemy split up than gang on a teammate.

The look of academic will be based in a futuristic design with a flair of a mechanic and an engineer, I mean, they are academics, they must look the part. A wise character with a flair for mechanical and technology stuff will be perfect for them. Will they be OP? I don't think so, we must not shout "muh OP, plz nerf" everytime.

Look, all you need to do to stop this class is to flank them when they least expect it. It's like a mage or something, it's bound to be soft. As long as you can react to the Academic quickly, you'll be okay.

World of Dragon Nest Free Item Codes (200 Codes Available)

Item Name Academic Random Box
Period: 26 Feb - 31 Mar 2020

Condition: Each account ID can apply only 1 Item
When open the box will obtain a random item as the table below
  • HP Elixir x50
  • HP Elixir x100
  • Beginner Mount Growth Potion x5
  • Beginner Pet Growth Potion x5
  • Normal Resurrection Scroll x5
  • FTG Potion (S) x1
  • Costume Gacha Ticket x1
  • Costume Gacha Ticket x3
  • Lord Of Gold Dragon x145 piece
Note: This is first come first serve

So are you hyped for the upcoming Academic class? Will you use it on WOD? Tell us below your thoughts in this class.