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Jul 25, 2018
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Let's get to know Academic, a genius child with artilleries from the future! Available now in World of Dragon Nest. Let's get to know Academic, a genius child with artilleries from the future! Available now in World of Dragon Nest.

Two types of artilleries from the future

Academic artillery, also known as the Cannon, is a personal weapon carried from the future. The best feature of this weapon is the unlimited ammunition and the firing range is much further than the Archer's arrow.

Kabbalah is another academic’s weapon which is considered highly unique. It Is an alchemy gun that can shoot elemental energy out in the form of bullets, it can be used to combine potion, poison, heat, and cold. In addition, the elemental energy can also be used in the form of various objects. If further explained, Academic is quite similar to the alchemist character in other game.

Robot Alfredo
Alfredo is a big yellow robot, similar to the yellow robot from a famous movie. The special feature of this robot is that it can be rotated like a windmill and is able to shoot powerful beams to attack enemies around the area.

Turret skill and the duck who control the turret
Many people may have noticed one skill which allows Academic to summon the turret, along with a black duck who appears to be driver. It has a pointed tooth and a provocative face. Many people might be wondering where it came from. Today, our WOD team will clarify that for you.
The black duck that controls the turret is called Crazy Duck. There is still no clear information regarding who this duck is and where it came from which is still a mystery to be solved. Some people call it the troll of Dragon Nest. Many people who play World of Dragon Nest may already be familiar with it especially in Mimi game where you had to wait for the patches to be downloaded. In this game you have to hit it to collect points and exchange it for Gold.

Academic Costume
Academic's costume is another one of the main highlight that will make people interest

Academic uniform will be designed from a future world. It has a unique style that remind us of a mechanic or a tiny engineer. both the boy and the girl outfits were designed to be maneuverable, sleek, and stylish which is difference from other characters.

This might be the first impression that will makes everyone love with this character. As for whether you will like the playing style and the skill effect or not, you will probably have to try and find out in the game.

Let's see what the Academic is good at and which skills make this class stand out from other characters.

Let's see what the Academic is good at and which skills make this class stand out from other characters. Meet the Academic today in World of Dragon Nest.

Each classes strong point from a scale of 1 to 5
Scores criteria are based on Evasion, Attack Range, Recovery, Crowd control skill, and Area of Effect

  • Evasion: 3
  • Attack Range: 5
  • Recovery: 4
  • Crowd control skill: 4
  • Area of effect : 4
Academic is considered to be a very prominent character in attack. The attack distance is very far and even further than Archer which make this character a very fearsome opponent to fight against in PvP.

  • Evasion: 5
  • Attack Range: 4
  • Recovery: 5
  • Crowd control skill: 3
  • Area of effect : 3
Archer is known for being very agile and has an excellent dodging skill. HP recovery is also another strong point because Archer has a healing skill which can be used to heal HP for both him/her and friends in the party. Attack range is obviously going to be very impressive with arrows, although it might not hit as far as the Academic but it's not exactly that much weaker than the Academic either. When fighting 1-1 against the Academic if you know a specific technique or know how to outwit the opponent, then winning is not a difficult thing to do at all.

  • Evasion: 3
  • Attack Range: 2
  • Recovery: 1
  • Crowd control skill: 3
  • Area of effect : 4
To put it frankly, Warrior is unique in its ability to deal damage against groups of enemies, especially with Cyclone Ax skill which can attack enemies around the area and is useful in interrupting or disrupting the enemies from continuously attacking the character.

  • Evasion: 2
  • Attack Range: 3
  • Recovery: 3
  • Crowd control skill: 4
  • Area of effect: 5
Sorceress is another character that has the ability to deal damage against groups of enemies, at the same time, there are skills that can cause enemies to be inflicted with abnormal status, such as Glacial Spike, and Gravity Blast. Sorceress is considered to be a very versatile mage but will have a little disadvantage when fighting at close range. Therefore, when fighting against Academic, you have to plan the usage of abnormal status skill wisely so that you will be able to win without using too much effort.

  • Evasion: 4
  • Attack Range: 3
  • Recovery: 2
  • Crowd control skill: 5
  • Area of effect : 2
Slayer is one of the classes that can attack very swiftly, especially at close range and also has a disrupting skill that can cause enemies to be inflicted with abnormal status, such as Hunting Hawk, Flying Edge, and Typhoon Crush. Slayer is required to be played in a bandit style in order to find the right timing and inflict damage to the opponent. Slayer has a very high agility which is a big advantage when looking for the opening to attack.

  • Evasion: 2
  • Attack Range: 2
  • Recovery: 2
  • Crowd control skill: 3
  • Area of effect: 3
Cleric is a balanced character in every aspect, this character can handle enemies in close range for a long period of time and is better used for fighting at close range. However, it can be very challenging to confront and deal damage to Academic directly, therefore, you must find the right timing and use abnormal status skill wisely in order to be able to approach the Academic efficiently.

Why do Academic have robot? Is it human? Why are they so tiny?

Why do Academic have robot? Is it human? Why are they so tiny? Will I really enjoy it if I play this class? Find you answer in World of Dragon Nest.

Academic's mystery
Academic is a genius child who came from the future with an objective of going back in time to the past and carry out an important mission to save the ruined world. Unfortunately, Academic has lost some important memories.

What is that mission?
The important mission that the Academic must accomplish is to go back in time and fix something to salvage the past event and prevent the catastrophe from happening in the future. While traveling back in time the Academic has lost some of their memory, therefore, the adventure to regain lost memories has begun with the intention of completing the mission which has already been forgotten!

Why is the Academic looks more advanced than other classes? Both weapons and personal robot also looks very futuristic.
If you are asking why other classes are throwing knives or using weapons that look outdated compare to Academic’s weapon? The answer is that because Academic didn’t travel back in time from the future empty-handed.

Academic has brought modern technology and knowledge with them which allow them to be able to use strange devices with advanced technology for effective and superior combat capability.

What about other classes? Are they human or are they being created?
Actually, the Slayer was also being created. Slayer is a mixture between human and dragon. But if you are asking whether this has anything related to Academic or not, the answer “no” there is nothing related between them at all.

Why are they so tiny?
Academic has a cute appearance and an adorable personality. They may look like a child but their thinking and deducting abilities are much higher than any regular child. They are a genius who are quick-witted and has a high intelligent level.

Article 4: Why does Academic seem to be more OP than Archer?

Why does Academic seem to be more OP than Archer? We, World of Dragon Nest, have the answers.
You might have heard that Academic is a very OP character, even more than Archer. Why this newly released character seems to be such this OP? We will find out the reasons behind this character's strength in each aspect.

Why does Academic seem to be very OP?
The longest ranged attack in game.

Academic has unique skills including summoning robots and turrets to assist you in eliminating the enemies in large area. Academic may be called the all-round character with various gameplay styles, and also well packed with both attack and support skills!

Exceptionally outstanding in PvP mode.
With the robot and turret summoning skills, the summoned robots and turrets will be marked as your substitutions and the enemies will target them instead. This causes the enemies a lower chance on landing the attack on Academic.

Moreover, with the Academic's crowd control skills, this character can cause the chaos in a fight, both solo and team. Academic can also create protective barrier and recover allies' HP!

All-in-one character
Whatever crowd control skills - Silence, Stun, Freeze or Slow - is, Academic can do it all!
Even creating protective barrier to protect allies or recover their HP, Academic is second to none.

Fresh unique skill features.
Summon robots to battle against your foes and create a new style of combo.
Manipulate properties and poison to attack enemies and support allies at the same time.
Though Academic has a long ranged attack, this character is well-prepared with melee battles as well.
From the above advantages, you can see that the Academic is slightly all-in-one character with balanced abilities. Come and witness the strength of Academic by yourself!

And for those who are used to playing the current characters, come and face against Academic. You may change your mind.

Sorceress + Archer = Academic?

Sorceress + Archer = Academic? Why is Academic significant to the team?Let's find out the answer in World of Dragon Nest.

Do you know? Academic is the best combination of Sorceress and Archer. When Role: Support is applied, Academic can create protective barrier as well as recover allies' HP in teamfight!

The advantage of Sorceress
Even though Sorceress' healing skill is no match for Archer, Sorceress comes with the powerful protective barrier skill and Super Armor skill which is so-called one of the strongest support skill in World of Dragon Nest.

The advantage of Archer
As you know that Archer is somewhat different from other games. Archer in World of Dragon Nest is the character with high mobility and has an outstanding healing skill—powerful, easy-to-use and instant healing.

Role Skill
Academic's Role Skills are said to be true support skills including protective barrier creating and healing skills.
Academic can create protective barrier like Sorceress and also can heal themselves and allies instantly. With the low cooldown healing skill, Academic can spam healing skill non stop!

Not only Academic is the best combination of Sorceress and Archer, another exceptional ability is that Academic can also remove debuff from allies.

Come and enjoy the playful gameplay of Academic in World of Dragon Nest. Available for download now on iOS and Android devices:

Events: Academic Random Box
  • Each account ID can apply only 1 Item
  • When open the box will obtain a random item as the table below
  • HP Elixir x50
  • HP Elixir x100
  • Beginner Mount Growth Potion x5
  • Beginner Pet Growth Potion x5
  • Normal Resurrection Scroll x5
  • FTG Potion (S) x1
  • Costume Gacha Ticket x1
  • Costume Gacha Ticket x3
  • Lord Of Gold Dragon x145 piece
Date: 26 Feb - 31 Mar 2020


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