World of Dragon Nest CBT, ROM EP 5.0 Patch Note, Garena Call of Duty Mobile and more


Mar 4, 2015
Weekly Gaming Update by Pinoy Gamer! Lets talk about the information World of Dragon Nest Closed Beta Test, Ragnarok M EP 5.0 Midnight Party Patch Note Breakdown, Garena Call of Duty Mobile Pre-registration, Perfect World Mobile English Version, Home Sweet Home Episode 2, and Megaman X Dive for Mobile

World of Dragon Nest CBT Information
  • Nexon Thailand recently announced the close beta for World of Dragon Nest
  • the closed beta test will begin on August 1 upto August 7
  • do note that the CBT will be available for the SEA region which includes Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand , and the Philippines
  • unfortunately there will only be 30,000 accounts that can pre register and will be exclusive for android users
  • according to the press release the cbt is to test the server stability as well as gather player feedback so that they can refine the game on future release
  • World of Dragon Nest will have an open world so you can explore as much as you want however the dungeons are instanced
  • WOD will also introduce its selectable gender which is not available on the previous versions
  • as for the combat it will be non targeting they will also introduce chain skill and a new weapon swap system
  • which can chain up to 14 skills as their new battle system
  • the game story will happen many years after the original storyline with a twist because it will be multivesre
  • So if you are interested in the pre registration period is from July 24 to July 30
  • which is again limited to 30,000 accounts and for selected countries only
  • to register you must have a google play account
  • then go the official website to pre-register
  • do note that after the CBT ends all player data will be reset
  • there is also no top up method during this period as the system is not enabled
  • Nexon also advised that during the CPT perion you might experience some connectivity or bugs
  • during this event they will also be giving away 20 Google gift cards worth 15 usd
  • also the cash shop test will only be enabled on Aug 6 7
  • free diamonds will be provided to the players in order to test
  • currently there is no mention for the Open Beta or even the release date
  • and as of the time of this writing all 30,000 limited accounts have been used
  • it's unknown if they will add additional pre registration accounts

Ragnarok M EP 5.0 Update Breakdown

  • Recently the Ragnarok M Episode 5.0 Midnight party has been released and here is a patch note breakdown in case you missed the features for the update
  • so first here are the new contents
  • Ragnarok M base level has been increased to level 120 raising the level requirement for mentors to lvl 90
  • a new major city called Town of Dead or Niflheim has also been added along with new classes like Sage, Bard and Dancer
  • along with the new content is a new revenant boss and world boss
  • the oracle dungeon will also have new difficulties
  • they also mentioned that now all major towns in different channels will still share the same channel
  • because of this update players can now party request between different channels
  • since there will be new craftable equipment on Niflheim
  • the equipment will also have additional stages when you upgrade them while the pets will have new skins as well as new variations to get
  • so this time when you hatch a new pet a random pet decoration will be generated
  • additionally there is a new assistant system as well a remake for the panel
  • now let's go to the new features
  • in episode 5 they are adding a new weather feature while the new prontera will have multiple interactions
  • new features such as the new favorite item for the bag and guild praying reset have also been added
  • certain guild building will also now have higher maximum levels
  • so those are the new content and features
  • aside from those mentioned the game also had several system optimizations one of the most notable is now the be will have a high frame rate settings
  • and if you are looking for the Big Cat UFO it's now moved on the West Gate

Home Sweet Home

  • Home Sweet Home is getting a sequel on PC called Home Sweet Home Episode 2
  • YGGdrazil Group and Ningbo Inception Media Group will release the second installment for the game
  • to those who dont know the game is deeply inspired by the thai culture and folklore
  • the story follows a man called Time who is searching for his wife
  • this is followed on the sequel as he gather more information and secrets regarding the incident
  • so if you are interested
  • Home Sweet Home: Episode 2 will be coming to PC in 2019

Call of Duty Mobile

  • Garena recently announced that Call of Duty Mobile Pre registration is now open
  • and like typical pre registration there will be different rewards depending on the user milestones
  • to those who don't know Call of Duty Mobile Tencent recently partnered Garena to publish the game for SEA players
  • the game will include game modes like Team Deathmatch, Search and Destroy, Free For All and more
  • and most recently on a press release Garena confirmed that the game will have a Battle Royale mode
  • So if you are interested to pre-register you will need to go to the official website which will require a FB account or Garena account
  • currently the milestone rewards includes FMJ Spray, Frag Grenade, “Yeah Buddy” Emote, Smoke Grenade, and Neon Tiger M16 respectively
  • however this rewards will only be available after the game has officially launched
  • Garena also added there will be Daily Spin Rewards for a chance of unlocking any of the 3 limited weapons
  • but wait there's more because aside from all that we mention there will also be a referral system for 2 additional crates to open

Perfect World Mobile

  • Recently Perfect World Mobile was launched but the problem is it's not localized
  • however good news because recently an english version for Perfect World Mobile has been announced
  • to those who don't know the Perfect World is known for its unique flight system
  • but on this mobile version they have added stunning environments and rich character customization
  • there was no mention for the english release date but a pre-registration has started with a chance to win rare outfits as well as additional milestone rewards

Megaman X Dive

  • Capcom Taiwan has recently announced Mega Man X DiVE
  • a new action Megaman game coming to iOS and Android devices
  • and the good news is its free-to-play so for sure expect micro transactions
  • Mega Man X DiVE will feature 3d graphics but only to add a depth of field
  • which means mechanics like climbing and dashing from previous megaman titles will be the same
  • The story of Mega Man X DiVE is set in a computer world known as the “Deep Log,”
  • where the game data of the Mega Man X series is stored and is in an abnormal
  • so if you are interested
  • the game is expected to release for mobile this 2019

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