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    Register now for the World of Dragon Nest CBT today! Only 30,000 accounts available!

    Mobile Open-World MMORPG World of Dragon Nest, developed by Eyedentity - the original development team behind the PC release of Dragon Nest - and is published by Nexon Thailand, is ready to announce the dates for the game’s Closed Beta Test (CBT), from 1-7 August 2019. Dragon Nest fans can register for a chance to participate in the Beta Test today at (exclusively for Android).


    The most recent CBT will be available in 5 countries from the SEA Region simultaneously, including Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, and Thailand. As the CBT is done with the purpose of testing server stability as well as various pieces of content for the sake of player feedback, the available version of the game will not be representative of the final product. Data and suggestions from players will be used to refine the game for the upcoming full release. Registration is open for only the first 30,000 accounts (from all available countries) so register now for a chance to play!

    • Register to participate in CBT: 24-30 July 2019 (limit 30,000 accounts from all available countries only)
    • CBT Period: 1-7 August 2019 (PvP and Cash Shop system will be available 6-7 August)
    How to register for CBT:
    1. Head to the website (all CBT participants must register in order to play the game)
    2. Download the game from the website from 1st August onwards (click Download from Google Play)
    All player data will be reset once the CBT ends


    For the latest news and updates on the World of Dragon Nest, head to our official Facebook page at

    Publishers or Game Developers can send their press release on our site, simply follow the guide here:
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    30,000 Accounts in 3 hours

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    If you missed the first CBT registration, This is your last chance!
    We are recruiting 10,000 more!

    Tomorrow, 16 o'clock.(GMT+7) BE PREPARED!!
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    What to expect for the World of Dragon Nest CBT

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    For everyone having the issue says 'Item now found'
    please try to delete 'Cache' by the following :
    Go to Setting > Apps > Google Play Store > Storage > Delete Cache
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    [Event] Bugs Detective! If you find any bugs in game. Report it! The more you find, the better the rewards! Event Period : 1 – 7 August 2019


    Details :
    - If you encounter any bugs in the game, show them to us (along with the screen shotted image or a recorded video).
    - Post them in the Comment section below with a short description of it.
    * The bugs must have solid proof.
    * Give that buggy a name if you can!

    Rewards :
    All players are rewarded if the total bugs found reaches the certain amount.

    Step 1 : Total 5 bugs found.
    - Rewards : Hook (x100), Lower fertilizer (x3), Intermediate Fertilizer (x3), Senior fertilizers (x3)
    Step 2 : Total 10 bugs found.
    - Rewards : Cerberus ticket (x10), Apocalypse ticket (x10), Typhoon Kim ticket (x10)
    Step 3 : Total 15 bugs found.
    - Rewards : Potion of Healing (x30), Advanced Healing Potion (x30)
    Step 4 : Total 20 bugs found.
    - Rewards : 30,000 Diamond Exchange
    Step 5 : Total 25 bugs found.
    - Rewards : Mint Bath Salts (x1), Rose Bath Salts (x1), Lemon Bath (x1)
    Step 6 : Total 30 bugs found.
    - Rewards : Nutritious Food (x3)
    Step 7 : Total 35 bugs found.
    - Rewards : Opal Enhanced Stone (Weapon) (x3), Opal Enhanced Stone (Armor) (x3), Opal Enhanced Stone (Jewelry) (x3)

    Notes :
    - Duplicate or similar bugs are counted as 1.
    - Bugs regarding languages are counted as 1.
    - This event applies to all servers.
    - The event may subject to change without prior notice.
    - Our decisions are final.
    - Rewards delivery date : To be announced.
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