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World of Dragon Nest is Open World-MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) adventure in the World of Dragon Nest with new attack system and skill combo. With new storyline leads by Velskud the villain of Dragon Nest.

On this storyline, he will be the savior of the evil past which he has started…. the origin of decay! Let’s enjoy World of Dragon Nest with many cool features provided by Nexon Thailand simultaneously across South East Asia!

Will salvation be accomplished?! Lay hopes on the dragon slayers!!!

Things you should know before playing the World Of Dragon Nest!

Experience for the first time one of the greatest MMORPGs now as an Open World mobile game. Immerse yourself in an adventure that you have never faced before in the World of Dragon Nest!

MMORPG OPEN WORLD Let's adventure in World of Dragon Nest with Open World system. You can do whatever you want!


non-selectable gender system. Say no more! here in World of Dragon Nest, we let you be who you want to be. YOU PICK!


Here is the SWAP WEAPON SYSTEM! You can swap weapon whenever you like! Chain various skills up to 14 skills and do the massive damage by combos! Be ready for the exciting system in the World of Dragon Nest!


Multiverse Story! When the world has collapsed, the only way to save it is to go back to fix the past. From the traitor to a mighty hero.

Full Action! Relive the fun action from the original PC to mobile version that is the most exciting ever, along with new stories and systems that will elevate it to the next level.

Siege War! New system that has never been featured anywhere before, an epic scale of war with 200 peoples uniting their guild power to fight to the top position.

Warrior : Sword and Axe

Fights at the front of the battle by Immense strength and health are more than enough to neutralize enemy’s defenses.

Archer : Long Bow and Cross Bow

Utilizes ranged attacks using a bow and an expert of physical movement through flexible body with quick movement speed and various ranged attacks.

Cleric : Mace and Wand

Responsible for the protection of party members with high DEF and recovery magic to heal the allies and uses various support magic to support the team.

Sorceress: Book and Orb

Supports the attack behind the party with various ranged area attacks and an expert in protecting the allies with various support functions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is the information about this version of Dragon Nest! Hopefully, this Q&A will help you out. Source

Will it still have cross platform support when it launches?
On the development side, Eyedentity is capable to do the cross-platform as well. But at this time, both of us think that it would be more important to ‘choose and focus’ on the mobile version first. Most of the games that have cross-platform were trying to eat one’s cake and have it too. However, they couldn’t do both well.

As the developer has a strong desire to deliver high quality gaming content which focused on Mobile platforms first. In the future, we might discuss the overall aspects of PC Platform service method again.

Will there be a trading system in game? (Market, Player to player trade)
Yes, we will definitely have auction house feature. You can see it in the game when you join our CBT!

Will there be a closed beta test coming first before the actual launch?
We are definitely planning for Closed Beta tests pretty soon. Please bare with us if you find bugs or other unpolished work - both Eyedentity and Nexon Thailand will work hard to make the game most ready for open beta.

Will there be a vip system?
The game does not have VIP System : )

How Many languages will world of dragon nest support?
Initially we plan to start with 3 languages including English, Thai and Bahasa Indonesia. Later on we will add other languages.

Will the game be emulator friendly? (bluestacks, nox, etc)
We are focus on optimize to match with the mobile device first, after that we will consider to support Emulator which may be before official launch.

Will the game offer multiple viewing options? (Fixed, 2.5 angle, 360 world view, etc)
From our original development plan we would like to deliver the same experience as its original version ‘Dragon Nest Online’ which is 3D camera. But we are considering to add other angle of view too.

Can you tell us more about the WOD's Multiverse?
WOD’s setting is many years after the original Dragon Nest’s story. The story started from the collapse of the future world. One of the last survivors, Velskud, returned to the past with the help from Goddess ‘Lunaria’ to save the world.

This time Velskud did not keep the Black Dragon Jade to himself but he gave it to Gerient. Velskud thought that the world will not be destroyed if Geraint and Argenta are kept alive. But Velskud did not expect that the old world would twist and turn by the new enemies that did not exist before.

What is the minimum deice specifications to run the game?
We are on optimization process and it is not complete yet. So currently we can’t specify requirement. Now we are on co-operate with Nexon Thailand to deliver good quality game to the Dragon Nest fans and non-fans, and after CBT we will continue optimizing this part.
Will it be free to play friendly?
We believe that free to play users can enjoy our game as we have many contents and reward system to support them.

Are you going to launch the ios and android version at the same time?
Of course! Please stay tune to play World of Dragon Nest both iOS and Android at the same time. By the way, you can follow our WOD Facebook page to get fresh news weekly! We just open the page today, so please support WOD and Nexon Thailand. Thank you.

About the weapon swap system, Does it mean that players can just unleash a full set of skills using weapon 1 and immediately switch to weapon 2 to continue casting a new set of skill for infinite combo juggling?
This is one of the cool features of the game. Player can swap their weapons freely and each weapon will have a different set of skills including an ultimate skill that you can execute to overkill monsters or bosses. To avoid infinite combo juggling as you mentioned, there will be a cooldown period after each swap, so players must plan their tactic wisely how to use the weapon skills plus normal attack, to continue combos.

There will be no job advancement system in WOD, is this true?
At the moment, there is no plan for Job advancement system in this version. Eyedentity believes the key element of DNO (Dragon Nest Online) is the “Skills” that you can acquired through job advancement however they feel this feature also causes player to stress out. Furthermore, there are very few skills that can be applied to the mobile version of the game.

The developer thought hard about this and came up with the weapon swap (or basically skill swap) system which allows players to advance their characters easier and get to use more variety of exciting skills.

Why was the decision made to launch WOD first in SEA instead of South Korea?
The Dragon Nest IP is one of the most well known in the region and many of previous Dragon Nest titles had achieved the best performance here in Southeast Asia, so it is a natural decision for both Eyedentity and Nexon Thailand to launch this exciting new title based on Dragon Nest IP in the region as the first in the world - even before Korea or China. Eyedentity as the original creator and IP holder really appreciates royalty of all the fans here and wants to thank them by letting them be the first group of Dragon Slayers to try out the title!

Since the story is linked with the original dragon nest, can we say that WOD is a sequel?
The story of the WOD is based on the vast worldview of the original, and it's a parallel structure, and I think it's more natural to have another story unfold than a sequel.

The original was that Velskud stole the Black Dragon Jade and escaped, but in the WOD, unlike the original, Velskud doesn't take Black Dragon Jade but gives it to Geraint, the original world is twisted, creating another world, giving us another solid story

The will be other PVP modes as well?
WOD is an MMORPG so you can expect to have many PVP options such as you can challenge other players on the field, Arena mode that is the same as the original version, also group battle as well.

What can the team tell us about costumes, pets and mounts?
As this version is the open world so the mount is the key feature to use for travel on the field. For costumes and pets we are working on it, especially pets, we don’t want to just have pets to follow you but we want to add some unique feature to create new experience for players. There are also other special content just for Southeast Asia as well so please wait and see!

It is first time that nexon thailand is operating a game for several SEA countries. How is the team preparing for the first major milestone?
For the past couple of years, Nexon Thailand has been handling Nexon’s key global titles in Thailand including Overhit, Durango, MapleStory M, Darkness Rises, and many more. We have been accumulating experiences and trying to push the envelope to scale to other countries.

The key reason is that, we know that each region has specific taste and requirement in games. Some time our global titles may not be best fitted for Southeast Asia. That’s why we try hard to find titles that are suitable and can be really localized for the region - whether in terms of pricing or in-game content. We think World of Dragon Nest is “that” product and it is a good first step for us. And of course, we are not alone! As part of Nexon group of companies, we have full back up from our parent company and other affiliates - live ops and various best practices in operations.

How was WOD managed to accomplish the games client size on Mobile?
Yes the different gender will increase the client size, but as the different gender was the content that a lot of users have requested since DNO. And we believe players can accept bigger client size to get the good quality of the game. Therefore, the developer considered this content from the beginning of WOD development. Developer thought that it was very important to consider users’ opinions for developing Dragon Nest into open world. There is also plan for other contents that are based on different genders such as couple/lover and marriage system.

How does the opn world work in WOD?
As you know this will be the first Dragon Nest title in open world setting so we are very excited on this feature looked at other open world MMORPG out there and found that most of them concentrated on solo playing to build his/her characters to be one of the top players in the server. They want to add more cooperation and social elements into WOD with more party play to build and grow together instead of individual competition. You will find this party play in both the field and dungeon settings.

What make players stick to this game?
As the key of World of Dragon Nest is the ‘Action’ and ‘Story’ which is the dragon is the key of Dragon Nest lore. But if we focus on the content it should be ‘Skill’ and ‘Quest’ which is the main content of Dragon Nest IP.

We consider to the point to make players stick to the game by separate into 3 phrases, short-term, mid-term and long-term. For short-term we believe if we drive users to have experience with the vary of skill and experience in exciting combat system, users will enjoy it so we plan and develop new system ‘Swap skill’ to be the basic of combat system which users can use total 14 skills in combat.

For the mid-term we try to present the ‘Story’ which is renewed from the original story of ‘Dragon Nest Online’. And for the long-term we plan to serve new content huge nest that need huge number of users to challenge it.

NEXON Co., Ltd. is a worldwide leader in free-to-play online and mobile games. Founded in Korea in 1994, Nexon developed one of the world's first graphics-based massively multiplayer online games. Nexon also pioneered the concept of microtransactions and the free-to-play business model, setting a new standard in which play is free, and users have the option to purchase in-game items to enhance their experience.


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