World of Dragon Nest Issues and Fixes

Discussion in 'MMO' started by Bantillo, Jan 12, 2020.

  1. Bantillo

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    World of Dragons Nest is a buggy launch so here are a compiled list of bugs and possible fixes


    1. (Fixed) Item lost, did not receive the bought items & Gacha.
    Our support team will get back to you and provide compensation to every case.

    2. (Fixed) Freeze at the loading screen issue.
    - Please try clearing application cache and restart the game again.3. Invincible status will be displayed in Korean.

    4. When unlocking daily mission (Lv.16), the missions may not appear in the first place.
    - Temporary Fix > Re-login or relocate to other maps to make the daily missions appear.

    5. Time format for some contents may be shown differently (YYYY-MM-DD).

    6. (iPhone 11 only) When entering Nest dungeon, swapping windows may make in-game UI disappears.

    7. When registering an item in Exchange, sometimes the system will not show “Amount” tab.

    - Temporary Fix > Close and open the Exchange window again.

    8. In Gold dungeon (Special Dungeon), the time left countdown will freeze when the first “Fever Time” ended.
    - Temporary Fix > Time left is still counting down normally and will stop freezing when the second “Fever Time” starts.

    9. When using party buff skills, the buff icon on the left party window may not show.

    - Temporary Fix > The whole party still gets the buff effects normally.

    10. When entering Colosseum – Free for all while you’re in a party, and your party member appears to be an opponent, you will be able to see each other’s spot in the mini map.

    - Temporary Fix > Leave the party every time before entering Colosseum.

    11. (Chinese Language Device Only) If your device is using Chinese language settings, the texts in-game will appear erroneously.
    - Temporary Fix > Set the device language to English, Bahasa or Thai.

    12. You may not be able to call a mount when doing some quests.
    - Temporary Fix > Please go back to character selection screen and login again to fix this issue.

    13. You may get stuck when doing some quests.
    - Temporary Fix > Please go back to character selection screen and login again to fix this issue.
  2. Guardian Tales
  3. Bantillo

    Bantillo Regular Gamer

    There were reports about the loophole in Exchange system where many players use it to take advantages for themselves.

    For the players who we tracked having records in doing so may be subjected to punishment as our terms of usage being applied.

    One more thing, we'll open 2 more servers "Nerwin" & "Barnac".
    For players having trouble entering popular servers, we recommend try switching to the new ones.

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