Wrecker from RSG PH may make his Season 8 debut in the third week of MPL PH

RSG PH, a new challenger in the MPL PH Season 8, is presently ranked second in the overall standings with two victories and one defeat. In the first week of the MPL league, the squad even defeated the M2 World Champions, Bren Esports, making them one of the most promising new teams in the MPL PH scene.

Elyson "Wrecker" Caranza, a prominent streamer turned pro player, may be participating in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL) Philippines (PH) Season 8 shortly, according to RSG PH's head coach, Brian "Panda" Lim. Panda revealed in a post-match interview after RSG PH dominated ECHO that Wrecker has been preparing for 12 hours a day and that it's about time they used his abilities in future bouts. The coach also stated that fans would be able to watch the team's rookie, Eman "Emann" Sangco, in action in the coming weeks, claiming that RSG PH does not have a starting lineup and that everyone gets a chance to play.


Wrecker is a Mobile Legends broadcaster who previously streamed Rules of Survival. Fans were astonished when RSG PH signed him to their MPL PH squad.

Panda, RSG PH's coach, was asked in a post-match interview when fans would be able to witness the popular streamer compete in the MPL PH Season 8? Wrecker, along with the team's other players who have yet to participate in the competition, may play in the coming weeks, according to the coach.

“Wrecker is going to play soon; he's already started practicing 12 hours a day,” Pada said.

Wrecker and Nexplay EVOS' Setsuna "Dogie" Ignacio will face off in a bout, according to the coach. The rivalry between the two players has existed since they were both streamers, with the two frequently debating who is the best Mobile Legends player/streamer.

“I'm hoping it'll be Wrecker vs Dogie,” Panda said, “but he needs to be ready, and the team has to be ready as well.” “For the time being, we're simply concentrating on putting the squad together because chemistry and communication aren't quite there yet.”

Following his comments about Wrecker, he also stated that the other members would be playing in the following weeks since he feels that everyone deserves to participate this season.

This implies that Eman "EMANN" Sangco will be joining Wrecker, Dexter "Exort" Martinez, Kenneth Jiane "Kenji" Villa, and Dexter "Exort" Martinez in the next bouts.

“We pledge to put together a superior team for you. Exort, Kenji, Emann, and Wrecker will all play, of course,” Panda said. “In RSG, there are no primary five.”