Wuthering Waves first in-game event “Overdash Club At a Glance” will be released on May 30!

Wuthering Waves has recently launched worldwide and developer Kuro Games has officially released the game’s first in-game event called “Overdash Club At a Glance”.

wuthering waves overdash.jpg

The “Overdash Club At a Glance” event will start on May 30 and will be available until June 17. The upcoming event is a limited-time track challenge event that can be participated by players who have reached the Union Level 14 and have completed the Main Quest “Echoing Marche”.

Through this event, players can challenge any of the 6 tracks opened for Tactical Hologram: Overdash. Reach the finish line within a limited time but don’t forget to also collect Hologram Tokens that will appear in the race track.

wuthering waves overdash 1.png

However, this is not as simple as one might think as the track has traps that players need to avoid. Utilize various modules to get over it immediately. Once the finish line has been reached, the Hologram Tokens that have been obtained will be used to calculate the challenge score. As always, the higher the score, the better the reward.

The rewards that the players could acquire from this event is as listed in the official announcement of the game, which includes Astrite x360, Advanced Resonance Potion x9, Advanced Energy Core x9, Advanced Sealed Tube x18, and other development materials.