Wuthering Waves is said to have earned over $110 million within the first month of its official release

A Chinese game industry website called GameLook has reported that Wuthering Waves made over 800 million Yuan, roughly 6 billion in Philippine Peso. This is only within the month of its global release. Despite the game facing many in-game issues after its release, it didn't hinder the developers from expanding its market and raking in revenue.

wuthering waves.jpg

Aside from its massive profit, the game has also secured the number one spot for downloads on Top Charts in 100 regions. Within only three weeks after its launch, the game has recorded over 30 million downloads worldwide.


GameLook also further predicts that if the success of the game continues, it might reach one billion Chinese Yuan, which is estimated around 8 billion Philippine Peso. If this truly happens, it will be the game and the developers massive achievement since its release.


The biggest contributor to Wuthering Waves revenue are the Chinese players, which takes 25%. It was then followed by the Japanese players, taking 22%. The players from the US take 16%, making them the third largest spender while the fourth is South Korea, with 14%.

In addition to that, it has been reported that the game has made over $36 million on mobile devices only, according to the latest data from AppMagic.

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