WWE 2K16 Import Your Face From Your Phone

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    A Creation Studio app for the WWE 2k16, The launch was originally slated including the game in October which has finally released.

    The main feature of the application is to take a selfie/photo of yourself or just used whatever you got on your phone and edit it, basically this is the procedure in importing your photo into the game. Then once you're in game, applying a new face for your wrestler will just be easy, and the most important thing is to pray that your character will not transform into a monster.


    Aside from uploading faces, you can use the app to import logos for use in 2K16's Creations modes. These images can be used to design arenas, championship belts, billboards, tattoos, and more.

    The Creation Studio app is available now on iOS and Android. 2K16, meanwhile, is available on Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, and PS3.

    source via gamespot

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