WWE 2K21 will not be made this year PC 

WWE 2K20 has hit a bumpy road throughout the year. Experiencing bugs and glitches everywhere and ultimately receiving the ire of gamers and critics alike. It seems that they are planning to take a step back, look into the game and how they plan to move forward in this issue. As they have announced that WWE 2K21 will not be made this year.

The WWE itself has announced that the next year's WWE 2K game has been cancelled. The reputation of the game has been tarnished due to the backlash of the fans that received glitches and bugs in the game this includes the bug where if the internal clock gets to January 1, 2020 the game would not work at all. This has been a hot issue back in January and word has caught up to the executives of the wrestling governing body it seems. For more details, check YongYea's video attached below. If there's one thing that you need to maintain in this partnership is that the name of your partner is not to be ruined which it did so they decided to stop the release for now. As disappointing as it may look, Take-Two President, Karl Slatoff is positive about the future of the brand. Stating that they only need to increase the quality of the game next time around.

The developer of WWE 2K20 was Visual Concepts, they also produce the NBA 2K series which has been receiving flak to the fanbase as well as they have been accused of not bringing anything new to the series. This may cause a problem in the future in that series as well but I digress. Past WWE 2K games were made by a Japanese company named Yuke's but the working environment and relationship it has with 2K has diminished for so long that they decided to cut ties and is making a new game that will rival the WWE 2K series. This may set an interesting case in the future to see if competition will drive innovation to 2K's variant or just be swept by a company that has mastered the creation of a game. Time will only tell.

But, looking into the situation, if the game has not been receiving well, it is a proper call to sit back, think about the game's problems and see to fix it in the next release. Annual releases are not important if the game is substantially the same minus the roster and power rating changes. 2K needs to understand that if people want to buy a new game which has an older version, they need to innovate the concepts or at least upgrade something other than the graphics of said game. Games are not cheap nowadays so they better put more effort to their creations as well. But going back, what are your thoughts of WWE 2K21's cancellation? Are you satisfied that they may look into the game for a better product or are you disgruntled at the decision? Tell us in the comments below!