XBorg Skills


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Apr 22, 2019
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Helllo mga kuys so hindi ito Advanced guide para kay xborg pero explanation ito ng mga skills nya so lets get started

So yung passive nya ay madaming nagagawa:
1.Your health is only 50% and the other 50% is his "Armor"
2.When he doesnt have any armor left,X.borg turns into Armorless State wherein he cant use his ultimate and his 1st and 2nd skill have shorter radius range
3.You can bring back his armor by filling up your energy (will be further explained)
4.His skills and basic attacks makes the enemies "heated up" when the enemies "overheat" theres a chance that enemies drops balls, you can pick it up in order to gain health and energy
5.When enemies overheat, your skills can deal true damage (the most unbalanced thing ive ever heard)
6.Armor doesnt regenerate
7.When he runs out of Armor he dashes to a location being immune to damage while the dash
X.borg spreads his flames in front of him for 2 seconds dealing damage,X.borg can move while using the skill
X.borg drops (idk what are those but they look like spikes) spikes at the very front of him(think of it like a irithel 1st skill) dealing damage and after a few seconds, the spikes will come back to him dealing dmg and slightly pulling the enemies
Only used when he is in Armor State,X.borg frantically spins around releasing huge amounts of fire around him,dealing damage and after a few seconds he self destructs dealing huge amounts of damage around him (and not sure if it stuns) after he self destructs, he will instantly go to Armorless State

So guys gets nyo na skills ni X.borg?If not tanong lang kayo sa comments ill try to answer them.