Xbox Is "Fundamentally Important"

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    Microsoft is planning to spin off its Xbox Division based from rumors, but that's in the past. UBS Global Technology Conference that gaming is financially relevant and Fundamently important to Microsoft's future.
    Xbox if financially relevant to Microsoft.

    "Xbox is financially relevant to Microsoft," she said. "People should not be confused about the journey of improvement we have been on in the past two years in the Xbox business."

    For Microsoft's latest quarter, the Xbox division was a bright spot.Total revenue rose year-over-year, while Xbox Live also showed favorable performance.

    Hood went on to say she is particularly proud of Microsoft's efforts for Windows 10 specifically. This includes the Xbox One, which is technically a Windows 10 device now that it hasadopted Windows 10 as its underlying operating system with the New Xbox one Experience update.

    source via gamespot

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