XCOM 2 Launch Day Mods

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    XCOM Enemy Within creators have partnered with Firaxis to develop MODS for the upcoming XCOM 2. This mods where showcased on the Pax South panel last weekend.

    New enemies, More larger muton which has been added by next, for a detailed list you can check XCOM2 official website.




    The first of these mods is one adding submachine guns or at least an XCOM-style version of submachine guns (pictured in the gallery above) that fill their role. They are used by soldiers who can equip assault rifles and present a tradeoff, not unlike what's seen in the modder's Enemy Within mod, The Long War. They provide a mobility bonus and make it more difficult for you to be detected.

    source via gamespot

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    I don't actually consider this as full RTS. Full RTS games I like are games like Command and Conquer or Thunder Run: War of Clans

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