XLGAMES to Launch ArcheWorld, a Blockchain-based Version of ArcheAge

XLGAMES, the developer of ArcheAge, a globally-acclaimed AAA MMORPG with more than 20 million registered users worldwide, will launch the blockchain-based version of the game, "ArcheWorld", with a target launch date of July 2022.

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"ArcheWorld" is expected to become the first seamless, open-world MMORPG that incorporates NFTs based on blockchain technology. The game will be under the spotlight since one of Korea's first-generation MMORPG game developer and CEO of XLGAMES, Jake Song, is leading the development.

"ArcheWorld" intends to return the ownership of items, assets and player characters to the users, whose ownership was not legally recognized in existing games to date. The game will refrain from any actions that may alter the game balance for the company's earnings.


By minting various items including land and houses of the housing system, the key feature of ArcheAge, as well as pets, vehicles and gears into NFTs, users will be able to possess and trade the items.

Tokenomics of "ArcheWorld" will be centered around Blue Salt (BSLT), a new in-game token issued on the BORA blockchain under the umbrella of Kakao Games, as well as Archeum, the main currency in the game.

Archeum is obtainable in gameplay and can be used as the main material to progress the player characters. Furthermore, Archeum can be exchanged to Blue Salt (BSLT) on the in-game exchange. Users will be able to acquire or exchange Blue Salt (BSLT) with BORA, a listed coin.


There will be a pre-registration event from 10th to 23rd of March. Participants will be given the opportunity to participate in the first mint of ArcheWorld Fandom Card NFT on March 28.

The Fandom Card NFTs consist of a total of 2,600 basic male/female cards from each race of ArcheAge and 25 rare Yata, Greenman, Dairy Cow cards, which will be randomly distributed.


"We plan to increase liquidity of in-game tokens and NFTs on the framework of the BORA platform. We intend to provide a basic platform and allow transactions to be made freely between players in order to build a truly user-centered in-game economy," said Kwanho Martin Choi, CEO of XLGAMES. "Starting with the first NFT mint in March, we are preparing for the official opening of ArcheWorld in July. We are looking forward to gamers' support," he added.

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