Xsolla announces the Launch of Xsolla Mall

The global video game commerce company Xsolla previously unveiled the launch of Xsolla Mall. This platform allows players to interact directly, either with game developers or in collaboration with influencers and payment providers, by creating numerous landing pages for video games. Players may have access to gaming discounts, rare in-game items, and an exclusive premium event to experience.


Within the platform, Xsolla Mall, developers, and publishers will have the opportunity to display their game content and make a profit from it. In order for the games to make an additional profit, a variety of budget-friendly local payment methods merge with video game content with the help of content creators.


Furthermore, this kind of platform will serve as a distribution channel for developers and publishers where they can generate more profit out of their product by lowering the cost of client recruitment and retention, boosting brand reputation, and increasing engagement with the players for growth.

"Xsolla Mall unlocks a new direct-to-consumer distribution channel for delivering games and in-game content on the web," as per Chris Hewish, CEO of Xsolla and the developer of Xsolla Mall.

He added, "We aim to help developers tackle current market challenges like the high cost of acquiring and retaining players, high distribution fees, and increasing the number of paying players so they can earn and keep more of the profits from the sale of their games and in-game content. Xsolla Mall perfectly aligns with our mission to bolster the gaming community by providing developers, influencers, and players with a safe, practical, and engaging platform."


Xsolla is a global video game business engine with a set of tools and services that help operate and sell more games. It caters to providing solutions that solve the complexities of distribution, marketing, and monetization for developers, publishers, and platform partners exclusive to the video game industry. Their goal is to increase audience, sales, and revenue globally.