Yamaha and NieR Automata has collaborated for new audio mixers that will be released in late December

This coming December, the game streaming audio mixers of Nier Automata from Yamaha will be released. The colors used for the two game streaming audio mixers were inspired by 2B and 9S, and both will cost $329.95 or ₱18,273.95 each.

nier automata audio mixer.jpg

Through the NieR Automata gaming audio mixers, users will be able to adjust the volume of each input sound source they are using while streaming. It can connect to several platforms, including PCs, consoles, and smart devices.

nier automata audio mixer.png

It also offers Discord and OBS/Streamlabs support. The microphone can be adjusted as well through the mixer as it has compression, limiter, reverb, pitch, radio voice, echo, and other voice effects. Fine-tune all these settings through the ZG controller app, where you can also save and customize presets.

nier automata audio mixer1.png

The audio mixer based on 2B’s color scheme will be called “ZG01 042” while the audio mixer that took inspiration from 9S will be called “ZG01 153”. In case you didn’t know, the numbers used in the name were in reference to the pods of the main characters.