Yashinlive Completes “Generation 0” Roster

After months of preparation, YashinLive is proud to announce it has finally completed its roster for the company's "Generation 0" of virtual talents.


Out of hundreds of applicants, two stood out to make it on YL's maiden batch. The first talent is Tenten the Flea-ridden Mutt, who's already made a January 2 debut on Twitch.

The second talent is the Obsidian Dagger, Rezochi, a Shadow Kitsune Demon who will make their official Twitch debut at 5 p.m. PST, Saturday, January 22, 2022. That’s 9 a.m. Philippine Standard Time, Sunday, January 23, 2022. Catch her debut teaser on YouTube:

According to YashinLive founder, Dasu, each applicant had to go through a selection process where YL thoroughly reviewed audition reel after audition reel to find the best potential members. The 15 who passed the initial selection phase were then interviewed, before YL top brass deliberated on who among them were the cream of the crop.

"To those who passed the auditions, they were all equally as unique, it was really hard to pick from the top ones!" Dasu said. "Everyone has potential and I hope aside from the two who have made it into Yashin, they would still continue creating, as everyone has expertise in different artistic and musical fields."

tenten reveal.jpg

"To the two who have passed, I expect them to be creative within Yashin. We don't really hold our talents back, as long as they enjoy, or have fun doing streaming/projects; that's all I really want. For them to be able to lift other creatives, whether in an agency or not."

With "Generation 0" complete, YashinLive is setting its sights on carrying out more activities in February. One original member will also be debuting in March, while another will be re-debuting... on second thought, we'll keep quiet about that for now.

As for the rest of 2022, Dasu said the influx of new members also meant a small shift in how YL will operate in the year to come.

"I was really put on the spot since I am so used to just managing and creating for my own Dasu/SP brand, so my outlook would be striving for more professionalism, and integrating ideas that I already have to share with all Yashin members," Dasu said.

rezo reveal.jpg

"I know creating stuff isn't done in a blink of an eye and all of us also still have so much to learn. But I hope they learn to craft quality content that they truly like from the heart, and not just do things in favor of the algorithm."

For the latest updates on YashinLive’s newest members, keep tabs on our page on Twitter (@YashinLive) and Facebook). Tenten (@TentenVtuber) and Rezochi (@Rezochi) are also both on Twitter!

Meanwhile, Dasu can be followed on Twitter (@dasucakies) along with Stellar Paradigm (@SPmgmtofficial).


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