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Mar 24, 2015
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Champion: Yasuo
Title: The Unforgiven
Quote: when picked:"Death is like the wind, always by my side."
Gender: Male
Origin: Ionia
Allies: Taliyah
Rivals: Zed, Master Yi, Riven
Champion type: Assasin/Fighter
Damage type: Physical

-Yasuo can give the enemy creep score gap at lvl6 because a normal Yasuo player gains 50-60 cs at lvl6 while his enemy(except another Yasuo) gains 30-40 cs...

-Yasuo is considered as most OP champion...Why?
1. His Q has the shortest cooldown with a cooldown of 1 second(When fully ranked)...
2. His W can block all enemy projectiles...
3. His E has the shortest cooldown on the League giving him the advantage to dodge skill shots, escape easily, and easy creep scoring...
4. His R is a free damage, or simply means that Yasuo can damage the target but his target cannot damage him...Also, his R has the shortest cooldown of Ult which has 21 seconds (Fully ranked)
5. His passive gives him double critical strike chance and a shield that blocks any incoming damage from enemy champion...
6. Yasuo is very easy to use...

Note: Without cooldown reduction items

-Yasuo is easy to kill if you prioritize all your skills on him...
-Yasuo is the 1st cancer champion in the league...Why is Yasuo called Cancer? Here is the explanation:

1. There was a man named Yasuo Fukuda, who was born between June and July...
2. June and July's horoscope is cancer...
3. In the dictionary, cancer means an unstoppable outbreak of disease...
4. Yasuo cannot be stopped to use even they don't know how to use it...
Source: Zedelicious's Yasuo ng Pinas at Youtube...

-Doing creep score while harassing the enemy through Q is quite hard for your enemy laner to set combo on you...
-Never do EQ on the enemy...The enemy can have the advantage to counter combo you...

Just do EQ on the enemy when:
1. Your next Q will airborne the enemy...
2. There is a nearby enemy minion as a mean of escape...
3.EQ on the enemy minion but it will sure hit the enemy...
-Never waste W on just a basic skillshot (Like Pantheon's Q)...Use W when they give a skill shot that gives you a killing blow(Like Riven's Reactivated R)...
-If you want to harass the enemy,E on the enemy near the enemy and Q, hit then E again nearby the enemy then Q on the enemy then E again back to your allied minions...
-Use E on the enemy when:

1.Q have tornado and you want to kill the enemy through EQR...
2.Harassing but nearby enemy minion is available...

-When the enemy is falling back, just predict your Q(Tornado on) on the enemy...
-After using R,Use EQ on the enemy then W(If the enemy has a non special skillshot(Like Olaf)...

1.EQEWQEQEQEEERQEWWQ - This is the most common combo for a typical Cancer...(Mananagalog muna ako
:v ) Sa suped gaking nito mag EQEQ,nakarating sya sa turret ng kalaban...Saka medyo pang imba narin pero wa epek ang imba pag cancer gumagamit...

2. Q(AA)Q(AA)EQ - This is the most combo for a typical normal Yasuo Player...

3. EQFlash-All Yasuo Mains done this combo...This is a quite complex combo but super effective...Quite unexpected also...

4. RQ
  • This is the most complex combo for a Yasuo player
  • (Note: This only works when you have ally that has airborne, most preferable Orianna, Malphite, and Alistar...Mananagalog ulit muna ako
  • Super duper hirap ng combo nato kasi dapat timing talaga kelangan nito saka sa setter narin.
  • Pag nag set na yung kampi,mas maganda airborne...
  • Pagsabayin mong pindutin yung R saka Q (Hindi magkasunod,ah...Literal na sabay...And dapat may tornado Q mo.)
  • Ang mangyayari,habang nagsosoryugaton ka(Ult) or habang nasa mid air ka,nagcacast ka ng 1st
  • So ang resulta,ang malasing mga kalaban ay 3 seconds ang airborne nila

  • Normal combo for getting creep score and harassing the enemy at the same time.
6.W(AA) Q
  • Another quite complex combo for Yasuo because it needs your full alertness
  • Pag may dalawang mage (Like Lux and Katarina) and pinalibutan ka nila,cast W (pero dapat medyo nakaharap sila).
  • Ikot ikot ka lang dun sa W mo,wag kang aalis ikot ikot ka lang.

Then pag wala na W mo,combo ka na sakanila...

Yasuo is strong against:

1.Talon,The Blade's Shadow
  • Talon cannot harass Yasuo because of his passive
  • When Talon use a combo on Yasuo, Yasuo has a high chance of counter combo on Talon and Yasuo's W can block Talon's R.
2. All AD Carry champions when it comes to the duel. Just ask Yasuo's W

Yasuo is weak against:

1.Zed,The Master of Shadows
  • In the early game, Yasuo can win against Zed but when they reached level 6, Zed can give burst physical damage and Yasuo's passive can't block it all
2.Master Yi,The Wuju Bladesman
  • Yasuo's W is useless to Master Yi, when Yasuo will EQ on Master Yi (Tornado on), Master Yi can Q on Yasuo and Q will be useless and it can be a great disadvantage to Yasuo
3.Shen,The Eye of Twilight
  • Yasuo's Q is considered as a basic attack and Shen's W can block it all
4. Riven,The Exile
  • Riven can use her W to stop Yasuo from doing EQ or EQFlash
  • Just a perfect correct super duper hyper ultimate special perfect timing on her W
5.Akali,The Fist of Shadows
  • Yasuo is weak against burst damage champions
  • When Yasuo's Q has the tornado, Akali can cast her W making it harder for Yasuo to set combo (Unless Oracle Alteration or Control Ward is available)


1. AD type enemy laner and AD-type well fed
  • Phantom Dancer (Attack Speed, Critical Strike Chance, Movespeed)
  • Berserker's Greaves (Attack Speed, Movespeed)
  • Bloodthister (Attack Damage, Lifesteal)
  • Infinity Edge (Attack Damage, Critical Strike Chance)
  • Frozen Mallet (Health, Attack Damage)
  • Trinity Force (Attack Damage, Attack Speed, Cooldown Reduction, Health, Spellblade)
2.AD type enemy laner but AP type well fed
  • Phantom Dancer (Attack Speed, Critical Strike Chance, Movespeed)
  • Berserker's Greaves (Attack Speed, Movespeed)
  • Mercurial Scimitar (Attack Damage, Lifesteal, Magic Resist, Spellshield)
  • Infinity Edge (Attack Damage, Critical Strike Chance)
  • Blade of the Ruined King (Attack Damage, Attack Speed, Lifesteal)
  • Frozen Mallet (Attack Damage, Health)

3.AP type enemy laner but AD type well fed
  • Phantom Dancer (Attack Speed, Critical Strike Chance, Movespeed)
  • Berserker's Greaves (Attack Speed, Movespeed)
  • Mercurial Scimitar (Attack Damage, Lifesteal, Magic Resist, Spellshield)
  • Infinity Edge (Attack Damage, Critical Strike Chance)
  • Bloodthister (Attack Damage, Lifesteal)
  • Frozen Mallet (Attack Damage, Health)

4.AP type enemy laner and AP type well fed
  • Phantom Dancer (Attack Speed, Critical Strike Chance, Movespeed)
  • Berserker's Greaves (Attack Speed, Movespeed)
  • Mercurial Scimitar (Attack Damage, Lifesteal, Magic Resist, Spellshield)
  • Infinity Edge (Attack Damage, Critical Strike Chance)
  • Maw of Malmoritus (Attack Damage, Cooldown Reduction, Magic Resist)
  • Sterak's Gage (Attack Damage,Health)

Masteries or keystones:
  • Warlord's Bloodlust - For lifesteal every critical attack
  • Grasp of the Undying - For lifesteal every 4th attack and enemy hit
  • Stormraider's Surge - For movespeed when combo is successful
  • Thunderlord's Decree-Burst Damage when doing a combo


One of the most interesting lore in the League is about Yasuo...Is it true that Yasuo killed the elder?

But first, let start to his basic lore.

Yasuo was the only one his generation to master the forbidden Wind technique making him the most strongest student of Ionian School of Sword...No one can beat him and his mentor, see this amazing technique so he taught to Yasuo all he knows about Wind technique...

Years after, Noxus attacked Ionia and Yasuo was assigned to protect the elder...They go away and when the war stopped, they checked Yasuo and the elder...But an unexpected view came to their eyes...

They saw Yasuo kneel down and the elderlies down with bleeding body...They asked Yasuo who do this, the elder said,"Wind Technique killed me...

But..."The elder died and Yasuo was convicted as the Elder's Murderer...Yasuo said that he didn't kill the elder but his brother Yone said..."You are the one who mastered the wind technique...Who else can master it?!"...

Due to temptation, Yasuo was forced to fight while escaping...Years after, he came back to Ionia and he saw Yone, his brother, and engaged him in a fight that lasts for weeks...Yasuo finally killed Yone and Yone said something,"I'm sorry my brother, but you are the only who mastered wind technique in your generation."Yasuo replied,

"What do you mean?"

Yone died and Yasuo was wondering the meaning of that so he sat down in the school's relics(Classic Splash Art)...Weeks after,He traveled across Runeterra to search the Elder's Murderer(High Noon Yasuo) and weeks later,he decided to use the modern technology to hunt down the murderer(PROJECT:Yasuo).

Then according to his investigation, he is a member of Blood Moon so he decided to join(Blood Moon Yasuo).

So ayan na ang lore for Yasuo...So saan jan ang patunay na hindi sya ang murderer?

1.Yung sinabi nung elder na,"Wind Technique killed me,but...",diba namatay agad ang elder?Ang sasabihin sana nya ay,"Wind Technique killed me,but it is faster than the wind at a long distance...Yasuo tried to protect me but the technique of the who killed me is faster than our wind technique..."Meaning nyan may nakakaalam pa ng wind technique di lang alam kung sino...

2. Yung sinabi ni Yone na,"I'm sorry my brother,but you are the only one who mastered wind technique in your generation."...Nag meaning nyan ay may older generation na may nakakaalam ng wind technique,kasi dun sa words na "in your generation".. Sa henerasyon mo...Yun yon.

3.Dun sa sinalihan ni Yasuo na Blood Moon,nandun yung murderer...
Gusto nyu malaman kung sino?Si Jhin,The Virtuoso...So alam ko na nagtataka kayo na di naman alam ni Jhin ang wind technique pero bakit sya ang true murderer?Eto ang proof...

1.Sa teasers nung ilalabas palang si Jhin

Zed and Shen Teaser
Shen: Tell me, Zed...Who is the one who does this to you?!
Zed: Faster than my shadows, Shen...He is fast as the wind...I can't escape nor reach him...He is a formidable opponent...
Shen: I see...What he looks like?
Zed: He wears a mask...But not like our mask...His mask was made from older generations of Ionia and it has intricate design than ours...
Shen: His weapon?
Zed: A pistol with excellent design... I see him, I remember how he fires his bullets one by one on the barrel.

So ayan, makikita nyo na jan na:
  • Faster as the wind
  • Older generations of Ionia
  • Pistol
Lahat tumbok kay Jhin

Caitlyn and Vi Teaser
Caitlyn: No!!!!! Vi! Just be strong! The ambulance is coming for you! Just be strong for me!
Vi: I can't hold my pain! It is very painful...I can't remember anything except one.
Caitlyn: What is that?
Vi: He is faster than my punches...I don't know if he is a wind but he is very swift...How he moves, reload his pistol and his wear is too elegant.
Yan nanaman tumbok kay Jhin.

Lux and Garen Teaser:
Garen: Luxanna, warn the Prince about the enemy that killed me...I can't see his face, I only see is his eyes that looks like death...He also fires with precision while dancing and moving.

Warn them, I've done anything for Demacia...And until my last breath,I will warn them through you

Eyes look like the death of Deadeye and fires with precision while dancing ang moving...Si Jhin nanaman!

Lee Sin and Sona

Lee Sin: Who did this to you, my child?
Sona: Master Sin, please don't do a revenge just for me...This guy changed every history and he is a great disturbance to all of us...

Changed history and great disturbance means marami syang binagong kasaysayan. Confirmed na si Jhin ang elder murderer
Source: Official LoL Trivia Website (Note: Yung lore lang ah hindi yung tips)

Ganyan naman kayo eh,nang iiwan sa ere...Nagpapakahangin na nga lang ako para maging in sainyo pero wala parin

-Taliyah was the 1st one who believed that Yasuo didn't kill the elder...So as a proof of believing, she gave Yasuo a hairclip and Yasuo wears it(current Yasuo's Hairstyle) because he is very thankful that someone believe him

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