YEAH Asia League Presents: Get to the Battle Zone! Online Tournament (Philippines)

Yes! E-Sports Asia Holdings Limited (“YEAH” or the “Company”), an Asian ESports tournament hub pioneer and a proprietary "E-Sport + " platform, has successfully held its seventh Asia online tournament “Get to the Battle Zone!”, this time in Philippines on February 22, 2020 (Saturday).

There has been vast developments in the e-sports industry during the past decade. YEAH is devoted to promoting e-sports around the world. In addition to raising the awareness of the public, YEAH also hopes that by organizing different types of activities, global players from all over the world will have more opportunities to exhibit their skills and talents through our online tournaments. It is YEAH’s vision to promote the global e-sports market and plans to hold more online and offline esports related events and tournaments in the coming months.

YEAH kick started its PUBG Mobile online tournaments in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Malaysia in December 2019. The Thailand online tournament taken the lead to start the YEAH online tournament followed by the Myanmar online tournament in January 2020 and just last week India online tournament. YEAH hopes to cover even more countries in the remaining year so that more and more players could participate in the excitement of the game.

YEAH’s online PUBG Mobile tournaments which took place thus far have attracted many enthusiastic gamers. Each tournament has over 20 teams to participate. In these series of fierce competitions, online viewers engaged in heated debates for their supported teams to be the final winners on Facebook, Twitch and YouTube. Audience cheered for their favourite teams on major live broadcast platforms, and since we kick-started our first online PUBG Mobile tournament last year, we have successfully attracted over 17,553,415 online reach across our platforms. As a result of the intense competitions, the top four teams from each city are identified. “AKUMA BONAK” took the Champion in Philippines, with “ROGUE GAMING ESPORTS”, “IMBALANCE GAMING” and “214 Esports” also successfully won the first, second and third runner-up in the local Philippines tournament respectively!

Additionally, we were honoured to have local Philippines casters VisioNation to provide their commentary for our Philippines online tournament. The playoffs were conducted in Filipino, the casters were highly engaged with the audiences during the streaming sessions, thus, the audiences were all hyped up to enjoy the competition. The four strongest teams from each region will have the opportunity to compete with other teams at the FINAL of YEAH ASIA LEAGUE PUBG Mobile during the second quarter of 2020. Meanwhile, the next playoff will be Vietnam in March. Want to guess who will be the next four winners who will compete at the Final? Remember to stay tuned with us!

SUCCESSFULLY HELD ON February 22, 2020 (Saturday)

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