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Yes! E-Sports Asia Holdings Limited (“YEAH” or the “Company”)’s FIRST-EVER ALL-FEMALE online tournament with the very well-loved PUBG Mobile opened to the South East Asia region on September 26th, 2020, with its FINAL successfully held this Sunday October 4th, 2020.

This All-female tournament has attracted over 82 teams to compete against each other. In these series of fierce competitions, online viewers engaged in heated debates for their supported teams to be the final winners on Facebook, Twitch and YouTube. Audience cheered for their favourite teams on major live broadcast platforms, we have successfully attracted over 10 Million online reach across our platforms. As a result of the intense competitions, the top teams were identified and fought against each other at final. “PERCIVAL VIRAGO” took the Champion, with Page 1 of 5

“Littlegroot Danger”, “ERIS BERSERKER GAMING PH” and “SourCandy” also successfully won the first, second and third runner-up respectively!

This tournament was part of the kick-off event of the long-waited Girls’ Power series.

Girls’ Power is a movement initiated by the love of women in the realm of esports and its surrounding sectors. A series of activities and events will be organized as part of the Girls’ Power movement through our ever-expanding network, ranging from esports tournaments (YEAH), talents (YESPORTS), training and webinars (, introduction of girls' friendly games (TGB), and fantasy esports (

There have been vast developments in the e-sports industry during the past decade.

YEAH is devoted to promoting e-sports around the world. In addition to raising the awareness of the public, YEAH also hopes that by organizing different types of activities, global players from all over the world will have more opportunities to exhibit their skills and talents through our online tournaments.

At the same time, YEAH is more than just an organization holding events for all the esports lovers. We want to give more women a seat at the table in this industry – both for players and for women in search of a career in esports. We aim to elevate female players in general opening ways for skilled women and offer them with a platform dedicated to supporting their professional growth through enlisting and fostering top-notch roster of diverse gamers, gaming influencers, streamers, and content creators. From the players to the logistical staff, this tournament is a testament to the power that women have to drive the gaming industry forward today and in the future.

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This All-Women PUBG Mobile Tournament was just a start of this GIRLS POWER series welcoming all the female players in the SEA area to participate in. To ensure the success of our first “Girls only” tournament, we were incredibly delighted to have UCLA Philippines to co-host with us. They are one of the most notable community that put together a group for PUBG Mobile clan leaders and grow tenfold into hosting events and creating gaming content for the PUBG Mobile Community. Together, we brought the best of the girls’ teams to this exciting tournament and we are absolutely thrilled on the successful outcome.

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Additionally, we were honoured to have Filipino casters VisioNation and Aiman Arabain to provide their commentary for our GIRLS’ POWER PUBG Mobile SEA ONLINE TOURNAMENT. Visionation is one of YESPORTS’ talents who has cast for lots of PUBG Mobile tournaments before, while Aiman Arabain is another well- recognized Filipino streamer in the gaming community. They were highly engaged with the audiences during the streaming sessions; thus, the audiences were all hyped up to enjoy the competition.

Following up the GIRLS’ POWER PUBG MOBILE SEA ONLINE TOURNAMENT, YEAH will be having its second event for the GIRLS’ POWER Series appropriately named KISS AWARD – which stands for Keep It Smart & Sexy Award. This contest is created to show our appreciation to all the smart but also pretty female players.

We want everyone to know that girls can be BOTH wise and beautiful! Submissions will be closed on 25th Oct, 2020. Everyone can vote for their favourite gamers. The winners will be getting cash, prizes, and a contract with YESPORTS! Remember to stay tuned for more information for upcoming events!

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Yes! E-Sports Asia Holdings Limited (“YEAH” or the “Company”), is an Asian E- Sports pioneer with a global perspective. Its YEAH Asia League (the “League”) - a Pan-Asia E-Sports Leader Development Initiative which kick started in 2019 is now expanding into different continents such as Europe, Middle East, Australia and the Americas. YEAH has developed a series of E-Sports activities such as tournaments, workshops, seminars and webinars around the world, with the aim to promote E- Sports, to recruit talented players and properly groom and develop their gaming abilities to becoming professional gamers.

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YEAH aims to provide a horizontal e-sports platform, to encourage gamers, coaches, managers, casters, marketers, spectators and other stakeholders to exchange through our comprehensive eco-system.

In the mere 12 months since its inception, YEAH has successfully created and implemented a proprietary " e-sports + " platform, to ride on the rapidly expanding e- sports market worldwide. Over 70 events have been successfully held across Asia and Europe in 2019, featuring online and offline tournaments, roadshows (experience days), seminars, forums, webinars, workshops, academy camps, exchanges, beauty pageants, cosplay contests and music festivals. The series of events attracted over 15 million social media impressions and 10 million online and offline reach – which included participants such as gamers, coaches, casters, KOLs, university tutors and professors, spectators and fans.

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