Yokai Kitchen Card-based Anime


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Jul 7, 2019
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Yokai Kitchen is a card-based anime RPG that sets around a bustling magical restaurant where fairy species coexist. Set forth on a journey full of fantastic and unexpected events, players will run into Yokai companions with great power while managing a magic kitchen.

Now it’s time to shape “Foodimon”into helpful little critters, explore the highly-customized delicacies - all featuring collectible ingredients - to make your restaurant a rousing success!

Get Ready to Server Up!
Food is your power! Conquer the Spirit Realm with delicacy. Your Yokai staff are ready, start your tasty fantasy adventure now!

Summon! Collect Anime Yokai
Summon and collect personified Yokai staff with unique personalities, traits, and exquisite looks. Set sail on an adventure with your Yokai companions and uncover the tales behind them.

Decorate! Define the Culinary Fashion
There are a variety of decoration items in Yokai Kitchen, the wallpaper, the table and the cooking machine…… Start the endless fun by designing and decorating the restaurant with your taste and creativity!

Manage! Feed the Cute Foodimons
Catch the cute Foodimons in adventure and feed them in your farm to get the precious ingredients!

Adventure! Explore the Fantasy World
Travel through the mysterious Spirit Realm with your Yokai companions. Explore the whole land to collect the unique ingredients and master the most signature dishes in the combat! Encounter with different Yokai companions and reveal their life stories!

Serve up! Devise Innovative Recipes
Cooking! Invent new recipes, cook traditional and creative dishes to cater the picky customers for getting more tips!

Get Ready to Serve Up!
Summon the amazing Yokai companions and build your dream restaurant!