Yostar announces Heaven Burns Red English version at Anime Expo 2024

Publisher Yostar announced that the free-to-play story-driven RPG Heaven Burns Red co-developed by WRIGHT FLYER STUDIOS and VISUAL ARTS/Key will have an English version released.

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First launched for iOS and Android on February 10, 2022 then a PC via Steam release on August 10, 2022 in Japan, the game has received major accolades at the Google Play Best of 2022 Awards, including the "Best Game 2022," "User Voting Category Game Category Grand Prize," and "Story Category Award."

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Discover the Intricate World of Heaven Burns Red

Besieged by mysterious life-forms known as "the Phage," Earth teeters on the brink of ruin. All human weaponry proved futile against the Phage's onslaught, and without any means to fight back, humanity has been forced to retreat. Land was forsaken, and nations were erased in the ensuing chaos. Now, over half of the Earth's surface has been lost to the Phage.

With little time left and the danger of extinction looming, humans developed a brand-new, ultimate weapon called "Seraph," and those endowed with Seraphim can finally fight against the Phage with vigor. Those who can master their Seraphim are gathered to create a special squadron, becoming humanity's last beacon of hope. They have one thing in common: they are all girls with special talents. Among them stands Ruka Kayamori, poised to throw herself into the war against the Phage.

Highlights from Heaven Burns Red

Heaven Burns Red is a story-driven role-playing game co-developed by Wright Flyer Studios and Visual Arts / Key. This title is Jun Maeda’s first completely new game in 15 years. As a narrative-centric RPG, Heaven Burns Red uses a timeline narrative design to advance the story, breaking new ground in the RPG genre by offering an engaging and evolving storyline driven by player choices. Players will experience fierce battles through the eyes of Ruka Kayamori as well as the value of each day in the deeply immersive world of Heaven Burns Red.
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English Version First Reveal at Anime Expo 2024

Leveraging the influential platform of Anime Expo 2024, Yostar will introduce Heaven Burns Red to the international gaming community. Attendees who come to the Yostar booth at Anime Expo 2024 will witness the sophisticated graphics, elaborate character artistry, and well-crafted music of Heaven Burns Red.

Special Message from Jun Maeda

“Hello, everyone, this is Jun Maeda. You may have heard of the global craze for taiyaki inspired by the work Kanon, but are you familiar with its original creator and head writer, Naoki Hisaya? I had the honor of being a sub-writer for that project. Naoki Hisaya started the trend of ‘visual novels that make players cry,’ a pursuit that I have passionately followed for over 20 years. The pinnacle of this journey is Heaven Burns Red. Whereas Hisaya used sophisticated storytelling techniques to evoke tears, I took a rather direct approach, and that’s the essence of Heaven Burns Red. To think that this work would be released in places where he sparked the taiyaki craze—such a delightful coincidence feels like fate. We eagerly look forward to sharing Heaven Burns Red with you. Thank you.”

Jun Maeda, a Japanese writer and composer. He is considered a pioneer of visual novel and his notable works include AIR, CLANNAD, Little Busters!, and Angel Beats!.